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Tuesday, October 04, 2016


pamela huntington

Your new farm looks amazing.. wishing lots and lots of happiness and joy!!

Lisa Marra

What a beautiful place. Our last two homes have been historic, one 100 years old and one 70 years old at the Border of Mexico. You will love Sheridan - I grew up in Casper and Wyoming is a fantastic state! Enjoy the move and your new castle! xoxo Lisa

Jeri Aaron

Deryn I am so happy for you and your family!


Congratulations!! I can feel your excitement. It's an adorable house on a beautiful piece of land. We bought our 'forever' home on some property too last year. While it's been a lot of work, it's also been such a relief to have our own piece of paradise. I'm not sure I could do it without actually visiting it, you're definitely braver than me. But, it totally sounds like you've thought about it and it's the right one. Enjoy your new paradise (just as soon as you can!) :)

Azher Karimjee

Wow absolutely amazing!!!
So now there is no need for Shirin and I to come to Cypress - we will book a flight straight for the farm. And yes all of us can retire together. Dave and I can do scuba diving in that deep river that belongs to you!!! And I love the wilderness and forest and trees. I am surprised (but not amazed) that you found the perfect place that suits us. Now where did you say our room is going to be - in the back yard, in the barn or...
Congrats my dearest friends - all the more reasons for us to head your way!
God bless you all.


Oh it is just a huge slice of paradise Deryn! Love the cottage, the house, the garage, all of it!! Yes chickens!!! How fun!! I'm so happy for you both, you deserve whatever happiness you can find. Xox

Lisa Torrez

I'm a jewellery artist living in wyo (-2hrs away in Worland) maybe our paths will cross...in the Big Horns or at a show, anyway, congrats & a BIG WYOMING WELCOME. ...Lisa Torrez

Lisa Noel

So happy for you both! No more worries about flooding and imagine all of that farm junk you can incorporate into your designs! I think you really found your very own Something Sublime.

Carmen Garcia

OH! And before I forget, you've got enough acreage to build a berm and shoot all day! WOOT WOOT! (You don't have to post this comment-heh heh)

Carmen Garcia

GORGEOUS!!! Reminds me of living here in NC. Very much the same geography. But THIS slice of heaven...we've been wanting something just like this! So I KNOW how happy you are! I think you did a tremendous job and no...not crazy to buy without seeing it. You knew it was your place. You asked for help and it was answered with this. Fantastic! I'm doing a happy dance...well...make that 'happy tapping of toes as I sit at this computer' for you!!!


Congratulations, Deryn! Looks like you are starting in on a wonderful adventure. Wishing you the best, so that you can get yourself onto your little bit of paradise real soon. xo

Marilyn WK

Tiny, as you said, but gorgeous and just so stinkin' CUTE!!!! That porch just got me from the start! I can see it with pumpkins on the steps in the fall. So where is the studio going? And ummm... when is the first set of classes at Bit 'o Paradise, WY??? ;-) <3

Helena Hatten

Wow! You found a great piece of property....just the kind of thing my husband and I always talk about. You'll have family there too? Perfect! Life is grand.

Terri Grob

So excited for you Deryn,and looking forward to many photos when you're in! Will LOVE to see what you do with the place! Many Blessings, Terri

Francesca Garcia

What a great home!! I can't wait to see what you'll do with it and how your workshop will look. So happy for you!

Marilyn Adams

It's perfect Deryn! So excited for you (oh what I could do with that garden shed!!)


Gorgeous 💜💜


Nice little piece of Heaven!

Karen Boyle

GORGEOUS!!!! I love everything about it ~ simply paradise!!!! Have a tea for me out on that beautiful porch!!!

Liz Stern

OMGoodness!!! This is FAB-U-LOUS!!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see the final move-in pics - CONGRATS!!!

Marcy Antle

OMG, that is adorable! Your biggest problem will be where to put your studio? In the loft? In the guest cottage? Above the garage? How exciting. I think I could live in Wyoming, it's beautiful. Are you any where near Jackson Hole? Congratulations!!! You can still wear your Texas boots, right? HaHa.

Carol Elliott

Congrats! Looks like a great place. I am sure you will enjoy it and putting your special stamp on it! hugs, Carol

Cathy Norton

Deryn, thank you for sharing your new home. It is so exciting. I am so happy for you. It looks so charming.

Carolyn Mallin

Deryn, it's beautiful. I wish you and Wife Whisperer many happy years there. I can't wait until you post pictures with your creative touch to your new home.


Your going to live the dream!! Congratulations to you both! I would move here in a red hot minute! Love love the outdoors. Mother Nature abounds here and you have more space than imaginable! The house is not so tiny Deryn, it has all you need and more and in the country you live outside as well as inside much unlike city living. A workshop space, three garages, additional living spaces and all that gorgeous country, you are making a happy life changing decision that you obviously are going to love. Now don't think I am nuts, but when I fist heard you were from Houston, I was taken back a little. Your jewelry designs told me your heart is in the outdoors in west, mountain and stream country. So this move is your move home to what you love!!! Again congratulations! This is a beautiful location and home.


What can I say that the others didnt already say! GORGEOUS! I don't vacation much really but I wouldnt mind Jewelry vacation Deryn's fabulous farm!

Diane Hoeptner

Husband and I want to do the same and this is INSPIRING, I'm excited for you, Deryn!!!! Enjoy!!!

Stacie Williams

It's fabulous!

Christine Damm

Deryn, I can just see you settin' on that porch in your Pearl Magnolia duds with your boots up on the railing! A bold move for a bold woman!


Wonderful!! Beautiful!! What a cute house! A river runs through it. :)
I am so happy for you ! Perfect!

Erin Prais-Hintz

I can feel your excitement, Miss Deryn. It looks adorable. A little bit Green Acres, a little bit Fixer Upper. I can see the potential for all sorts of artsy goodness happening in that shop and guest quarters. Good luck with all that moving will entail! May you live happily there all the days of your life! Enjoy the day! Erin

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