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Tuesday, March 03, 2015



It's good to know there are people who love strands of rocks like I do !

I'm sure we actually bumped into each other somewhere down in Tucson, cause I see lots of goodies that I bought or oogled at :)

I love the Druzy shells and the orange Kyanite, just gorgeous !

The spiny oyster is one of my favorites this year, so unique.

Thanks for sharing !

Breeda Hughes

just have to send a thank you for that Deryn. I couldnt stop saying oh and oh. absolutely fabulous.

Janice Plasterer

Deryn, I would love one of the carved owls if you can part with one. Thank you so much. Jan P


Wow Deryn!!! You seriously did up the Tuscon show!!!! Just so wonderful to live vicariously through your purchases. And, again, those stamps are insane!! But I think my favorite thing in this post is the cigar box your hubby made up for you!!!! I was all over that picture. Does he have a single Brother??? He is probably the best gem of all!

Victoria Elgan

Thanks so much for the tour!I enjoyed every picture. Going to the Tucson Gem shows are on my bucket list(as is taking a live class from you) but for this year your stash haul pictures will do. I am crazy for the rocks and minerals as well as cabochons; some girls go for diamonds; pretty but boring.

Janice Plasterer

Deryn, I love the owls too! If you are willing to part with one that would be wonderful. Just let me know! Jan P


Exceptionally marvelous haul, Deryn! You have me salivating in my keyboard... ;)

Stacey M. Curry

Fun! Almost as good as if I attended myself! :) Thanks so much for sharing! I always love your selections! :)

Donna Duff

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Being an amateur I could not be able to navigate the Tucson Bead Show as you can. So many beautiful things. Lead me to Italian Guy, Turquoise Guy, Swiss Guy (you are so funny). I will be drooling over this post for quite some time.

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