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Friday, September 19, 2014


Deryn Mentock

Ah...thank you, Angi! I'll have to come visit you in Hana, sometime. Bet there's loads of inspiration there! xxoo

Angi eharis

I have always admired what seemed to be your endless inspiration, and tx for always being so generous with all of us, here in blogland! I go to your blog and book on a regular basis to get inspired, it works! Good to know you are just like the rest of us though, I guess part of the art is always looking and being aware of inspiration, I bet some people don't ever think about it, I am soo glad we do, how boring life would be with out it! Aloha deryn and tx for always sharing and inspiring, angi in Hana

Jeri Aaron

Deryn, I would like to chat with you about an upcoming project of mine but no longer have your email address. Do you mind emailing me when you have time. TIA Jeri

Deryn Mentock

Thanks so much, Diana...I appreciate your kind comments! So happy to have hit home with you!
deryn xxoo



An Amazing post. Thank you! I struggle with "feeling Creative" on weekends, because I have a
"day job", right now which drains my physically and emotionally. Years ago, raising my daughter I was blessed with more time, but life has it's ways of challenging us, and I am, again, self-supporting. So your post is so inspiring to me. Even if I have only weekends, your suggestions are right on point!!!! I thank you for not only this post, but also your amazing book which is brilliant and inspiring. I always read each of your FB posts since they always have some inspiring about them. Be proud of how your creativity and caring ripples out in waves of blessings to all those who have the privilege to have found you.

Deryn Mentock

Great idea...both of those! Thanks so much for sharing!


I keep a small pad of paper and pencil next to my bed in case I wake up or think of an idea. I was once told by a fellow artist (whom I admire) to put some beads in a bowl and use only those beads to create something.

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