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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Breeda Hughes

Went looking for inspiration and motivation online to help me tune into a unique, creative jewellery making world and Deryn Mentock kept popping up. bought the book and signed in for first workshop i could. Thanks for what you have helped me create already ... the feeling and belief and realisation that that world exists.

i've missed the Sunday deadline but wanted to send the thoughts anyway. looking forward to theclass. its also teaching me how to more use the laptop.

francine Perri

I would LOVE your class it looks just awesome pleeeeeese pick me!~~

Martha Thorpe

Pick me! Pick me! :) Thanks so much for sharing your creative spirit with everyone! I would love to participate! Have a super creatively blessed day!


ok u can pick me

Patti Durovchic

Hope I'm not too late… just now saw this! I'm already a liker… of YOU, and of your Facebook page.:) xoxo

Sharon Palac

I liked you on FB!

Sherry Green Peck

I just received your book and love it, plus I've been buying up junk jewelry to play!! I didn't realize you were doing an online class!!! Especially for a unique journal....thanks!!! sherry@greenpeck.com

Lisa P

I am already a facebook fan! This class sounds like a blast! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Bobbie Breden

Hope it's not too late to post for the drawing for a free spot in your class. Always love your classes. Every one of them has been terrific! Fingers Crossed!!

Mary Royals

Deryn, I am so excited about this class offering!! I am signed up and patiently waiting for day one. Thank you for sharing your talent.


Would live to like you on facebook but I don't have an account. Insert sad face here! That being said..I love your work and would love an opportunity to learn from you!

Donna Gallie

Very generous of you Deryn! Looks fab.

Sharon Palac

Oh, pick me, Deryn! I would love to learn from you!


Ooohhhhhhhh, count me in!!!?heading to like your page now:)

Lynda Schreiner

Your teaching style is wonderful! I'm sure this will be a great class!

Stella Neaves

thanks for chance to win!


Yes I did know you have a business FB page and liked it long ago. 😊 I'm shamelessly throwing my post in to the give away hat.

Flynn Gentry-Taylor

Oh my, hope I am not tooo late, this would be a great birthday gift to self...


Sent here via Facebook so it's working! What an amazing journal! (Liked)


Been following you for awhile on Facebook:) Love your work and would love to win a spot in your class:)

Kim Freund

Liked! This class looks amazing. I've taken several of your classes both in person and online. I would the chance to take another one.

Dee Ryder

Oh YES! I would love a spot in this amazing class.


Being your student and learning from you, I am already feel I am a winner.

Janine H.

What a wonderful opportunity! Love your classes and your work!

Edita Liuizienė

This class sounds so much fun! No doubt it will be as interesting as your previous online classes I took part in. I would love to win a spot!

Phyllis Peterson

I've already liked your FB business page!! And I would love to win this beautiful class!!! Thank you so much! Phyllis

Clare Horner

Liked all your pages for ages! wow that rhyms!

Really hope I win this would be so useful for college silver smithing year 2 starting in september!


Sam Johnson

I didn't know you had a FB biz page. Happy to oblige!! Your workshop looks so yummy! Love the jewelry "twist" to your journal. Totally a bonus! So lucky to have stumbled on the announcement of your amazing workshop, and truly looking forward to it!

Marian Savill

Love your work and would adore the chance of an online class with you :)

Trish Tokar

i love your work and would be more than thrilled to win your new class!!! your book is on my wish list and i've been hoping to take one of your jewelry classes! i liked your FaceBook page a while back when i started following your blog. ::my fingers and toes are crossed to win!!:: thank you!


Hi Deryn,
Have taken your classes before and love them!
Thanks for doing the giveaway,
Fingers crossed


I can't wait to get started!


Thx for opportunity, Deryn. Only on my iPhone in Fairbanks AK visiting a friend.

Christine Lee

Shared, loved and liked!

Kim White

So stinking' excited 'bout this class!

Karen Hess

Oh my goodness, I'm in a swoon at all the possibilities this class holds!!! You are amazing, Deryn!!

Kate Greenough

this looks like so much fun! :)

Elizabeth Chesnutt

Looking forward to the class. I figure I am already a winner getting the opportunity to take another class with you and one so different from previous classes. I am hoping one day there will be an opportunity to take a class in person. Until then, you more than deliver in your online classes! Six more days....really? Seems like forever! ;-)


Love your classes and am so excited for this one- I love making journals! I was already a "liker" on your FB bus page and I'll share this on FB! Thanks for the chance to win!


Liked! This class looks fantastic!!!


Already liked your page and I really like this journal. would love the chance to win the class.


I'd like to be included in the giveaway. I signed up as soon as you blogged about it and I have everything ready to start on the cover! ~Sharon

Maggie Barbour

Happy to be a liker! There is no shame in promoting and marketing, especially when you have such coooool stuff that others enjoy! Sharing this with my art peeps now!


Love this book! Liked you as instructed, not because of the drawing but because I love your work...somehow 'like' doesn't really cut it.

Madeleine Bowman

Deryn, love, love, love your classes. You are an amazing teacher and I can't wait for this next one. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us!!!

Nancy Taber

Dern, love your classes you are a very passionate artist and explain everything very well. You have really inspired me! Thank you


Would love to be in that class:-)

Karen Diwan

Facebook needs "Love" button! Would be so happy to win a spot in this class. Throwing my coin in the fountain and making a wish. - Karen Diwan

Rita Blanks

A place to put my notes, the designs I'm sure I will remember but never do, that one idea that will make my jewelry making move up another notch - I can't wait, Deryn, to join you in the fun of creating this special journal. Let the fun begin!!

Sandy Mayfield

Please pull my name. I would love to win this class. Thank you for the chance to win.

Connie Permenter

Oh my my the first time I saw your book at The Prarie I just was in love with how you used it ! Your one clever lady ;-)

Jackie Mohring

Love your book and it would be wonderful to take your class. Please count me in on this fab giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

Pamela Hawkins

Hey there,
Well I would think taking any kind of class from you would qualify as a world class event. I have admired your talent and your values as they collide into your art and its mesmerizing.
To whoever gets the class, I will be oh so jealous.
Your the best Deryn.
ps.the book looks oh so cool. What an adventure in techniques and exploring what art lies in our souls!(I hope I get a chance to play too)

Sonia zoe

I'd love to win a spot in the class for my great niece.


I'm so happy my artist cousin liked your page so that I could see it and find you!

kathy mcelroy

This looks like such a fun class!

Kimberly Kovach

Love your classes Deryn! I would love the opportunity to take this class with you. You are such an amazing teacher!

donna joy

Great giveaway! would be a great way to beat the heat by staying inside~


Awesome fun stuff.... I am loving such things like you have been doing. thank you for the inspiration.

Angi eharis

Count me in! I think I want this reeeeeaaaaal bad! Aloha, angi in Hana

Lisa crofts

Was already a liker but I love making books. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


I would love to win a spot in your class! Off to like you on facebook!

Jessica Butcher

This class looks amazing!! I would love to win a spot. {Liked your page on facebook as well.}


going over to FB to "like" you after I figure out how to follow you here! Love your work and would die to win!!!

Kathie Maruska

Oh my this book is delightful! Thanks for a chance in the class!

Margaret Lussier

Done! I have been following your for a while now! Drooling over your new class....afraid of a summer time deadline but.....thinking I am just going to hafta do it! Just can't get enough of looking at that book!

Carol Elliott

Absolutely wonderful book! Would love to try making one!

Lynn H S

I liked and I love!!!! Wonderful!!!

Melanye Wrighton

I have no idea how an online class "works" but I love love love what I see described here. I would welcome this opportunity to re-enter my creative heart that has been subdued by sadness and loss these last couple years.

Carol Dee Myers

I'm a liker and a lurker!

Susie Wolfe

I have liked your business page and am just delighted to have found your page, blog and work! I'd love to win this class .... I love books and am exploring watercolors so it is a match made in heaven. Wish me luck!!
Susie W

Teresa Schneider

"Liked" on FB, love your book, and would absolutely be thrilled to win a space in your online class!

wendy thomas

I've taken a number of your online classes now and I'm in love with them. Great learning experience each time. Its great to be able to learn new techniques in your PJs.

I liked your business page, so please count me in the drawing. Thanks! Can't wait for the class to start.

Janice Richie

Hi Deryn, I want to take this class so BADLY! After having taken several of your classes, this one would be another great one! As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. Have had some hardships between losing my business and broken wrist that took 5 surgeries to mend, I can't afford it for now. Oh, I'm going to hope really, really hard! Thanks for offering it.


Oh this sounds yummy!

Ann Ostermann

Just found out about you through Suze Weinberg! I love your style and it would be amazing to complete an online course with you!!!


Oh my goodness- what an amazing class!!!

sue harvey

I wold be so thrilled to be able to take this class. Just bought your book and can't wait to get it


I would so love to win this class - it looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity. :)

carlanda williamson

please, please, please pick me! i so want to take a class with you! i am sharing and liking! thank you. carlanda

Erna Price

I liked your page and I would love to win a spot in your class. Tanks so much for The opportunity!

connie williams

looks like a fabulous class!

A Jamison

I had already 'liked' you on FB as I have followed you for a long time. I have really, really wanted to join any number of your classes, especially one, but funding for it always seems to be short just as the class begins.

I would love to win a slot for this course but if not my Mason jar fund is still ongoing.

Thanks, Ann

Lorie Garver

I would LOVE to win this class! Thanks for the opportunity. In any event, good luck with getting a bunch of likes on your biz page!

Christine Damm

I'd love to take your class, Deryn-- I know it would be a blast!

Brenda Davis

Would love to win, you have an awesome site.


wonderful and i'd love to be added to the drawing..fingers crossed :)

jan davis

Great to be able to like and follow you on FB. I think a jewelry journal is a seriously wonderful idea!


Looking forward to reading the details on your new online workshop.. also found yiu on facebook. Thanks for the chance to win.

deborah foord

Fingers crossed would love to win!! Thanks for the chance.

Sandy Ady

Looks like a journal "above and beyond" ~ even for you, Deryn. . . FORTY videos????


I already like, I shred on FB and just wanted to say that this looks like a wonderful class. Packed with luscious ideas!

Hope Amen

Deryn, this class looks absolutely awesome! Your jewelry making style is incredible so I can only imagine what this class has in store for anyone taking it. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway and I am hoping to win this!

Laura Brandlen

not.to.miss.bliss <3


Fabulous giveaway
I love your online classes

Catherine Etter

Oh how wonderful and generous, would be wver soooooooooo delightful!!!!!!!

Polly Anna Randol

Ok, got it! I liked and shared. And would love, love, love to win this class. Your classes are awesome!

Sarah Stoddard

Hi Deryn. I would love to win a place in your new class! Thanks.

Elizabeth Hodges

I have always wanted to take one of your classes! Would love to win!


Love it!!!! Want to be the winner!

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