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Tuesday, March 04, 2014


angi eharis

way cool post deryn! tx for sharing all your fav's, i am drooling! even if i have to wait till xmas to ask my kids for them, i know my next 2 frets babys i want! aloha, angi in hana


I'm no metalworker, nor do I plan on being, but all the same I'm a bit jealous of your hammers.


I find the wide variety of hammers and their uses very confusing, but your info helps so much. Thanks for clarifying. I think I need to make a little chart for my workbench!


Now you've done it! Must get the first hammer. I have a few of the little Fretz forming anvils, the mini's. They are wonderful for tough bezels. Question, though, How do you store/organize your hammers. I do not have a wall behing my bench, or in front, and have them resting by the heads in a little wire thingy, but would love a better way to store them. At one time wanted to wrap a tool belt around my stump, but that isn't that available in my current smaller home studio.
Thanks for the hammer love!!

Gigi @ Old World Patina

You are a lucky girl to have so many wonderful hammers! I have one Fretz hammer and I love it. I also love my rawhide mallet. I have a small 1 lb brass hammer that use for stamping and a chasing hammer. That's it but I have my eye on a new Fretz planishing hammer! Thanks for sharing your hammers, fun!

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