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Thursday, February 20, 2014



I had just put the book on my Amazon wish list. Been drooling over it for a week. I hope Kismet is working and your giveaway is lucky coincidence for me. Thanks

Kim McM

I don't see any expiration date for entering this, hope I'm not too late! Pick meeee! (Thank you for the chance to win.)

Claudia Darak

OMG ! Pick me. Pick me. I will love to have a copy. Beautiful work.


A fabulous book! My fingers are crossed!


I hope you are still running this I'd love to have this book!

Brenda Davis

The book sounds wonderful! would love to win

Marion Simmons

Deryn's book looks totally awesome and inspiring I would love to win a copy!
Iv'e wanted to try some of these kind of projects for awhile :)


Nancy D.

I love your work & would love to win this book❗️


how i would love to win a copy of your beautiful book!! it's on my wish list, but would love for santa to come early!!!


Wow, what a great imagination you have! What creativity! Looks like a terrific book!

Kathryn Harpold

Wow! the book looks beautiful and I would love to give one a good home!

Melissa Bolton

hi deryn, love seeing your stones & your latest work on facebook. would love a copy of your book. thanks for the giveaway! melissa

maria soto

oh, I've wanted to change my jewelry making style and this book would be perfect to help me do this. thanks for such great giveaway

char brickner

What a great opportunity Deryn! Thank you for your inspiration!

Lois K

Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome book. I know it would help me in making more beautiful gifts.

Judy Freyer Thompson

I have been following your fabulous designing eye for a while now, and was so excited to see that you are sharing it in a book! Congratulations on your achievement!

Christy Grant

Wow, lot of "players" but here's one more name. :)

LuAnn Forier

I am in real need of your fabulous book!

Cheryl Brown

Oh I would love to add your book to my resource library

Cathy Mendola

You do such beautiful work!! And I'm loving all the gorgeous pieces you just bought at the gem show. I follow you on FB :-)
Congrats on this book-I'd love to win a copy.

Ellen Lyn

Looks like a must have! Thanks for a chance to win!!

Helen H

Wow! What a great looking book! I'd love to have this in my library.

Susan M. Walls

Would love to have your book...your creations are wonderful.


I would love to have the opportunity to own this book, thank you!

Janie mills

Would love to learn from you Deryn! Thanks you for the opportunity!

deborah wills gemmell

Deryn, this is a wonderful way to celebrate another great achievement and to celebrate your creativity.
It has to warm your heart to see the positive energy your work has on so many people, by reading their responses. I was able to view a copy at Jean Van Brederode's Charmed I'm Sure studio, and it is laid out beautifully.

donna joy

Your book looks really interesting and inspiring~would love a chance to win a copy!


Fingers and toes crossed! Love your work!

Deborah Winnett

Love your website. And I would love to win your book,,


I gratefully accept a copy! Looks really interesting.

Linda Twichell

Deryn, Thank you for this opportunity. Linda
I'm crossing my fingers.

Melissa Howington

I have been coveting this book! I want to take a class with you so badly! One day, one day!

LaLa Ortiz

I love your style and can't wait to check out your new book!

Selma Andrews

I would love to have a copy of your new book. I took an online class about 3 years ago and had to have surgery during the class and was unable to work along with instruction. Since I was off my feet for several weeks I enjoyed watching the course and getting ideas for finishing my work with new and exciting closings. Thank you for the chance to add your book to my techniques library.

Jessica Salinas

I have been a follower of Seth's for some time now and I'm so glad he introduced me to you and your beautiful work. Thank you.

Susan Mogel

Thanks for the opportunity to win your book.


I found you through Seth's site and think your work is wonderful! So many things and bits to look at. When I saw you were doing an online course I thought how great that I could do that but I'm afraid it's somewhat out of my budget at the moment, so think I'll have to look at buying your book for the moment. I love the whole concept of using found objects, esp when vintage or just plain old!

Congrats on being published Deryn! :)

Virginia Jaquez

Well, my husband received some metal smithing tools and they are sitting in his shop right now. It would be nice to receive this book to give us a start. Thanks, for the opportunity and the giveaway. ;-)

Chris P

Great review by Seth!! Sounds wonderful!! Congratulations on the new book!!

Hannah C.

I have been wanting to get into making my own jewelry, I just don't know where to start. I would really enjoy having a book to help give me ideas.

Sara White

LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and would LOVE to have this book! Sara

Leslie Austin

I would love to win your book. I always enjoy your blog and look forward to your inspiring photos, teaching and traveling adventures, and beautiful work.

Janelle Rourke

I would love to win this book as a gift for my friend. It looks like it has so many techniques and ideas - she would LOVE it! Thank you so much for the chance to win!
Janelle R

Lana Manis

Oooh Deryn! This would make a wonderful belated birthday gift for me! My b-day was the 18th. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win a copy! :)




Hi Deryn. I already have the book but wanted to comment that I love, love, love it. I would love to do a review on my own blog. But i'm not sure if that is allowed. If you read this post let me know if that is okay. Don't want to accidentally do any copyright infringement. My name is Dawn and my blog is sadiejewelrydesign.bloger .com.


How generous of you! Thank you soooooo much!!!


This looks like a book that belongs in my library. Would love the opportunity to win a copy.


I would really like this book.

Fantayzya's Garden

Your book looks absolutely beautiful! Imagining all that inspiration is so exciting! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

Patricia wolf

I would love to win this book. Just the thing I need for all the old jewelry my daughter just gave me. Needs reinventing!
Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

Tracy Anderson

I would love a chance to win your fab book.

Rae Higgins

An Alchemy of Objects belongs in my art book library! So inspiring!



Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!! I'd be honored and so stoked to get my hands on your book; The Jewelry Maker's Design Book. I am just getting into the world of jewelry making and I need all the tips and tricks I can get. If they can come from a master jeweler, I would be so fortunate. Thanks so much!!


I was so very lucky to meet you at Barb's Vivi Magoo in Tucson! I hope I get to win your fabulous book. honey hugs bz

Nan G

Wow your jewelry is amazing. Would love to win a copy of your book. btw Seth sent me. :) Hugs Nan at froggydesigns3@yahoo.com

Erna Price

I'd love to win a copy of your book! Thank you so much for the opportunity!xxx

Linda Greiss

I would love to win a copy of your book! My birthday is tomorrow so this would be a wonderful gift! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Linda

crescent rodgers

Hi there! I love your ideas, the way the pieces look once you are done with them, and your kitchen! Yes I've following your blog that long... Keep making wonderful jewels for to drool over!!


Thanks for the generous giveaway. I've long loved your beautiful jewelry so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

Marijka Walker

Would love to win our book! Thanks for being so generous.

Barbara Mason

Wow - great Deryn, wanted a copy at Tucson but didn't want to add to luggage weight!!! Count me in!


Hi Deryn. Congratulations for the publication of your book.
Would love to be able to own one of them :)
Thank you for the giveaway.

diane moser

Wow 2 chances to win your fab book! I would love to win!!! Had a tough week! Need some good things to come in to my life. thanks for the opportunity.

cat kerr

Omygosh how wonderful!! Keeping fingers crossed!!

Darlene Campbell

Wow, I'm very pleased I found you through Seth's blog. "An alchemy of objects" instantly caught my attention. Would love to have this resource as it looks useful for jewelry, mixed-media and art assemblage. Thank you for the chance to win this Deryn. Awesome!

Christie M

Wowser! Winning this book would be a dream come true. thank you so much for giving us a chance to learn and grow. Christie

kara rogers

Wow...the book looks incredible! Thanks for the opportunity.


This book looks wonderful!! I can nt wait to drool over a copy!


Thank you for a chance to win your book. I enjoy seeing your creativity at work


I'd love a chance at winning this book!

sandy Hillis

I love taking your classes at Art Unraveled, and can't wait to see your book-Congratulations!!!!


What a great looking cover-I am inspired! Thank you for the chance to win~ Congrats on creating a wonderful book~


Lorraine  French

I would love to own this book to continue what I learned from you in a workshop recently. Your ideas and creativity are most inspiring. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.


Deryn thanks for the chance at your book. I have been waiting for its release.

Donna Duff

Love your work Deryn. Would be thrilled to win a copy of your beautiful book.

Debra Smith

Oh my...I grabbed your book last week at Barnes & N-I was so taken by it the moment I saw it. I'm just starting out in jewelry, but have been making things for a long time-enough about me-I am in love with your book!!!!! I actually am saving looking at the whole thing-I'm reading every word and have followed your instructions for wire work. I'm loving this! Thank you so much for writing it. The photos are incredible, the pieces are so inspiring.

Dorcas Midkiff

Sounds like the perfect book for both jewelry and mixed media artists! I love your work!!

Sarah Todd

Love, love, love Deryn and her wonderful jewelry. I have taken all her online classes and my wish is to someday meet her in person. I am wearing her druzy earrings right now!

Jeannie Goodman

I just received a copy of your book which I ordered as a gift for a friend...it's going to be hard to give it away. Thanks for the opportunity to win one for myself (which I will not give away!)


Would love to win a copy of your book! It's on my wish list!! :D


Oh Wowza!! I would love to win your book Deryn! I'll just have to put off ordering it until next week because this is one book I really have to have in my collection. Your work is top of the line, juicy awesomeness in the form of wire and precious gems! (they're ALL precious aren't they?)


OOOPS left an incorrect email address for Frances - s/b peetsf@yahoo.com


Would really use this book that is for sure. Thank you for the chance to win it. peetsf@me.com

Jennifer Johnson

I read Seth's review and your book seems like it will provide a ton of inspiration. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

Marlene Brady

Count me in! Thank you for the opportunity; generous giveaway. I would LOVE a copy!

barbara macaskill

WOW! What an amazing book! I am just getting back into jewelry making after a long hiatus and would love to add this book to my tool kit!! I arrived here via Seth's blog and am glad he introduced us!!! Thank you for the chance to win your amazing book!!! macaskillbarbara@yahoo.com

Debra Gibson

Oh! Please I pray to the book God's to show me favor of this most wonderful books!

Nancy wethington

A gorgeous book that would make an invaluable resource.

Michelle Castro

Thank you for another opportunity to receive a copy of your book. I look forward to incorporating what I learn into my own mixed-media work. Take care.

Susie Zolghadri

Your book looks wonderful, I would love to receive a copy. Thank you.

Nancy Johnston

Ooooooooooooh. I would LOVE a copy of this and just haven't gotten it yet. You rock!

Christine Mack

I'm just getting into jewelry making and would love to win a copy of your book. Thank you for the opportunity.

marybeth i

Love upcycling! Thanks!


I dont know if the giveaway its international but i participate :)
Name: celeste
email: celeste_257@hotmail.com


Oh I'm so excited to see your new book! I could use some new inspiration. I'd love to win!

Linda O'Leary

I love all of your Art. I would say all your work, but to me that sounds like your not having fun making it. Thank you for the chance of winning this book.

Linda O'Leary

Ginger Henke

Would love to give this book to my son...

Ruth L

Would love to peak into your book for some inspiration, even though I am more in mixed media, I am addicted to collecting found objects and sometimes would love to use them in different way than on my canvas.

Judy Millard

Congrats on your new book! It looks beautiful and of great interest to both the jewelry and mixed media artist!

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