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Monday, February 18, 2013


Linda Conley

I have been following you for many years. I love to get inspiration from your blog. However, this is the first time I have gotten health information and I'm glad I did. I immediately clicked on Susan's link and read her blog. And WOW! I am now reading Eat to Live and am changing my eating habits for my health. Although I don't take any medication it's just a matter of time for those of us who are in our fabulous fifties! However, after reading Eat To Live, I doubt if I'll ever be taking any medication and will be reading your blog for many years to come. Thank you for helping me change my life and stay healthy. (as well as showing us how to make beautiful jewelry!)


This is a cute story Deryn, and guess what,
I am proud:} I am going to gather up the recipe and go to the store myself. Luv U


That's great Deryn! (I mean the eating not the migraines!) You should try green smoothies! I juice some apples and carrots then stuff my blender with baby spinach, add the juice some frozen pineapple, a banana (or avocado - no lie you can't taste it but it will thicken it just like the banana would) and whatever else you would like to throw in. Taste great and I'm a carb sugar addict and I NEVER feel like I need to add anything to sweeten it - the apple/carrot juice is shockingly sweet! I need to step up the veggies and back down one the fruit but truthfully I think you would be pleasantly surprised how tasty they can be!

Kelly Snelling

I go up and down and in waves with my diet. I'm right there with you. I have the most insane sugar addiction. I know it. But I feel lucky that I do not have a drug or alcohol addiction. Sugar seems like not such a big deal in comparison, right. ;) But the mere thought of removing all sugar from my diet turns me into a white knuckled teary eyed freak. I feel certain that if I were able to give it up my joints would not ache as much, my head wouldn't hurt, and all the other magical singing unicorns of high health would come prancing my way. So, for brief periods I will go to the farmer's market and get the best produce. I will juice. I will steam. I have my bags of chia seeds and others (no hemp though! lol! that's a new one) and i eat them in my no fat greek yogurt with nuts and berries. I dream of going gluten free and feeling like a heavenly, painless 20 year old angel. Then I have a piece of key lime pie and walk my dogs. I guess what I am trying to find is a balance instead of my constant far swinging all or nothing diet. I hope that you are able to incorporate super foods and healthy new recipes into your diet, and with that to see amazing bursts of good health! I look forward to hearing about it, mama!


Thanks, Deryn, for mentioning Susan's blog. I've ordered supplies from her but had no idea that she had this blog. I've been interesting in reading Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live book and after reading about her success, I definitely will now. Although I don't suffer from migranes, I do have stiffness and need to lose weight (a lot!). And good luck with your new eating plan. If not else, eat lots of vegetables and fruit!

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