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Tuesday, February 12, 2013



What a fun post. Thanks for the tour!

Beth Marx

Your blog is the best, so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you Deryn.


What about your Pony or the Challenger?! lol At least you included your boots! :D Love them boots!!! Great list and I will have to add Oregon on must see list...Happy belated Valentines Day!


I love you and I love your blog!!! It is so much fun.


That is a very nice post! :) I share some of your loves too...

Christina Boyd

I love your loves too! tee hee tee hee... Missing you i did not know you love hazelnuts... My gma has a Orchard of them, I'll send you some come harvest time...


I don't have a sister but I really think you could be mine...I love everything in this post!!!

Jean Van Brederode

I enjoyed reading your 12 Loves! Well composed - Thanks for sharing!!!


Beautifully expressed.

Kelly Snelling

Clap! clap! Clap! That was so much fun!! I LOVED It and all the wonderful things/people (MAYZIE!!!) that you shared!!


I enjoyed reading this...loved all the photos and this really expresses who you are and what is important to you in a beautifully, visual and worth-more-than-a-1000 words way...awesome! Shayne and I lived in Oregon for four years...still feel like it is home and we miss it...

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