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Monday, January 07, 2013



Thanks, Deryn!


I just had this idea. I was looking over several other recipes for candied citrus peel and was wondering if anyone thought to add a cinnamon stick or cardamon or star anise to the simple syrup, to give the peels an added flavor? And, if you're still making them, if you feel like doing it to see if the flavor transfers? Or maybe even a rosemary sprig in the syrup?
(if I'm thinking this creative, perhaps I need to clean my art area!!!)


What about making lemon curd? It is yummy and
if sealed up in little jars could be given as
gifts too.


Ha! We must have the small, but bountiful cousin of your tree in our backyard. Thanks for posting these great recipes for using up it's delicious fruit.


perhaps the dehydrator? or adding the lemons to other fruit puree and making fruit leather--assuming you have a dehydrator!!


lovely photos--really.


wow, you've done a lot with the lemons and it all look goods. yum!

Debe Leone

My lemon tree/bush is loaded too! My husband harvested about 50/60 to take to work and we can't even tell he took any off. I found a recipe for preserved lemons last night & made a note to remember the recipe. Funny that you post one. Just wish I had thought of it when I was off for the Christmas break. Now back at school but maybe this weekend. Need to get the rest off that tree & do something with them!!

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