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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Mary Franzenburg

wow great closeups on all those gems! i love the rough cut beads!


Dang girl, your gem show was a lot better than the last one I went to. Those amethyst slabs are awesome!

andrea ring

beautiful purchases. i've got our next gem show marked on my calendar and am so ready!

Debe Leone

I wish you would offer field trips so some lucky souls could go with you. I went in the fall with a friend who go me into Wholesale. Dropped way too much $$ and it is all still sitting upstairs. Gotta get a groove back. Luvly things you got!

Lee {The Way I See It }

Oh, lovely! I have always had a thing for "rocks." I remember finding a geode when I was little (I know, right, what are the odds). I always wanted a rock polisher! Now, you'd think I'd delve into jewelry making, but I don't have any of the necessary stuff. So I just check out your blog!! hehe. There's something really cool about the sound and feel of beads, jems, rocks that you roll around in your hand!

Chris Kerr

OK...all I can exclaim is YUM!!! Wish I'd been there with you pawing through treasures....Oh well, my checkbook is still intact. :-) Look forward to how you play with these and glad you had fun.


Wow! You did find some treasures! Love the carved flower beads!

Judy Evitts (La Paix d'Art)

OH my gosh! BEAUTIFUL stones and ring . . . I have it on my bucket list to attend one of these gem shows some day! . . . . course I'd probably end up having to mortgage the house to pay for all I wanted LOL :D

Can't wait to see your designs with these!


Thanks for sharing your finds with those of us who aren't there. Can't wait to see what you create with these treasures, especially the little pyrite roses. Sweet!

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