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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Rita Bellanca

Wow I am continually blown away by your artwork and your class seems absolutely amazing! Please sign me up for your drawing and thank you for being so generous!

Karen Downs

Oh it's Saturday evening - I hope that I am not to late to have a chance to win a spot in your class!

Trinka Seals

Please place my name in the hat.
Loving the class. As always great

Patty McLeod

Your Jewels are amazing and I love on line classes..cause as a care giver I am a shut in ... can't go anywhere and have to be here most hours of the day and night but I do have time to fly on the computer and it takes me to beautiful places and things as are yours...Take me away please and let me be winner ...As are all your wonderful pieces....Thank you for the oppertunity to get away in thought and Beauty...!!

Jamie Peterson

Hope I'm not too late to enter, just seen this and would love a chance to win, thank you xx

sharon palac

Thanks for a chance to win, I'd love to learn your gorgeous techniques! I tweeted! tweet tweet!


how great would this be to be the WINNER WINNER, chicken dinner :)

I hate to lower my chances but I will be sharing on FB & my blog for some good karma


i love this time of year, when creative friends feel splendidly generous and want to share share share their wisdom and inspiration! of course i will post your link right now with all my friends on facebook.
two winners! oh to sit in my jammies and make beauty with the queen of alchemy!

Donna Gunn

I agree the crispness of fall is a welcome relief after a long hot summer. And yes I would love to win a place in your Alchemy class. I posted the link on my facebook page.

Michelle Tucker

Hi, Deryn, I've ~finally~ posted this on my facebook page. I also plan on posting it to my blog.


I am in! and I am gonna try to post on fb....if not my blog :o)

cat kerr

pretty please.


Hope to win a spot in the class!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Kristin Hyde

Its Springtime here in New Zealand,the Magnolias are flowering.The Cherry trees are flowering as are Iris's etc...Birds are busy building nests...My first little chick has the other day... Now all I need is to be able to take this class :-)... Happy Birthday fellow Virgo!

mimmin dove

Hi Deryn, I would so love to win a place on your class. I have a little mother of pearl dove identical to the one in your photo: it was once a brooch but it broke and as I never throw anything away, it is just waiting for your tuition to be reborn. Fingers crossed. I am linking on FB xxx

Beth Marx

Hi Deryn,

I have loved all your classes and would love to win this one.

Betty Anne Coulter

Please enter my name for the free class. I've already won a chocolate bar this week but your class would be so much better. I also linked on my facebook page which is in my husband's name. Not that he wouldn't enjoy the class as well.


Hi Deryn! Happy birthday!!!! Your classes are amazing! Am sharing this in several places.

Val Kingsley

Pick me pick me! Please lol. Many thanks would love a chance to take this class xx

sue simpson

Thanks Deryn for giving us a chance to win a spot in your class! Sue


Great idea!
I'm sharing this on my facebook pages!


This class looks DIVINE! I ADORE your work & would be thrilled to take another class from you! I took your "tin type jewelry" class in Vegas & was thoroughly inspired by it!
Xoxo, Shannon

Hope Amen

Hi Deryn..thanks for the chance to win this class. I would love to win it! I also posted a link on my facebook.

Kathy R.

Would Love to win! Am sharing this in several places. Thanks!


Happy Birthday! Would love to take another class with ya!


Oh, that sounds lovely! I'd love to do this - thank you for the offer!!


Deryn, I so much more than 'would like' to take this class, I crave taking this class !
I have a good amount of collected relics and so admire your jewelry style. Would love to learn from you !


Would love to be able to take a class with you! : ) Your work is beautiful

Lynnea Bennett

I would love to win this class. I have lots of objects that I have collected looking for a place to live


I would love to win your class!! Spending time at my desk with your videos sounds like the most delightful way to spend some Autumn days!

Wendy McKenna

I learned SOOOO much in your last class. I would love to take another,please. So put me in your magic hat.. Thank you.

connie w

done and done! i'd love to learn some new techniques!


The class looks very interesting. Would love to be able to take it. Will definitely share.


All your classes are fantastic and I would sure love to take this one!! Thank you for the generous offer and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Laura Ryan

Yep, i want to win too. Really enjoyed your workshop at AU- bronze bangles. I'll share the link.

betsy kryeziu

Ohhhhhh me me meeeee!!! I love your work and encourage you to keep it up!!! I hope I get a chance to learn from you one day!!

Kris Bradseth Christiansen

I'm so excited to be a part of your class! On the edge of my seat for tomorrow's videos. You are already on my blog...headed for Facebook, next =)

carolyn chenault

I love the pictures of the design samples for this class! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


All right...let's try this and see if I strike it lucky this time around. :)

Staci Willis

Oh my yes!!!

Bobbie Breden


I am SOOOO glad that you decided to offer a design class!! Would be fun to win a couple of free classes, but either way, I am SUPER glad that you are teaching us design! Thanks as always for your generosity and your terrific classes. And a big HELLO to Ms. Mayzie! (haven't had a Maisie pic in a while, and I miss them).

Posted on fb at https://www.facebook.com/bobbie.breden



Okay- first of all, about your knees- you've got to check out if there is a Melt Method class near you and GO! I tell you, my knees have been saved since I've been "melting". Here's a link to learn more about it. http://www.meltmethod.com/about
Second, who wouldn't love to win a spot in this class? I'm half Irish, so most likely, it won't be me, but I wish those who win a grand time!
Third- really, look into the melt method. You won't regret it.
Fourth, I have no idea how to do these link-y things, but I will try.

Kelly Baker

Loving this class so far!


I've already registered--yay! I'm sure it will be wonderful--just like all your previous classes. Looking forward to it & thank you for offering such a generous giveaway! Posting to Facebook also.
: )

Kim WIlliams

I would love to be selected for the class. Thanks very much for the opportunity!


I would love to win this chance to take your class....I have been wanting to take one of them for a long time but haven't yet. Thanks for the generous give away.


How I would LOVE to win a spot! Fingers crossed!


I love your style!


I would love to take this class! I have been thinking about taking it. Your jewelry is so beautiful!I will post on facebook.
Thanks for the chance!

Debs Pouliot

YES! The slightly crisp (Texas style) feeling of Fall in the air! The only thing better for me, would be to win a class with Deryn!

All fingers and toes crossed (and that's not easy) ;-)

Connie Hippen

Inspire Me....pleeeze!

elaine russell

hello Deryn!

I would love to win a seat in your on-line classes. I have been making jewelry since 1995... and would love to learn more.

debs taylor

Yes please, would luv to be entered in the draw. Cheers Deryn! x


Please include me in the drawing. I love your pieces, they do inspire! Thanks!


Ohhh I have long been a fan of your art, and this class especially made me nearly cry because I would love to take it so much. But our happy home is going through a lean time and the budget just won't allow. So we shall see... maybe, just maybe?... Regardless, thank you for giving my eyes such beautiful things to see and inspiration to take my own art in new directions.

Angie Kempker

I shared!!! Thank you!

Cheryl Tomlinson

I have taken your Art of Clsure and BoHo Bliss online classes. Awesome classes. I wasn't sure I could swing another class now. I'll cross my fingers.

Kimberly Roberts

I just love your classes and i am so glad i signed up for this one also :) thanks for the generous giveaway!

Kerri Fuhr

Ooooh what fun!! I've admired your work for ages and would be thrilled to win one of your classes! Thank you for offering this! :)


I love your work! I could learn so much from your class!! I have posted about it on my blog at http://princessbubblescreates.blogspot.ca/
Thanks for the chance to win!

Kathy R.

Your Alchemy class IS fabulous (this is just the first week and there is so much great information) and this is a generous giveaway...thank you! And, happy happy birthday to you!

Julie Ryen (jryendesigns)

I'm currently in this class and so far - so Great! The videos and information is detailed, well done and easy to follow. I've been a fan of Deryn's work for some time and I'm so glad to finally be able to take one of her classes and I'm sure I'll be taking more in the future. The convenience of taking them online is something that really appealed to me!

I had already posted this class and information to my FB and FB fan page but will give another shout out!


Oh Please pick me! PICK ME!

Jamie Burch

Ooh...this looks like another amazing course! Would love to win a spot! Thank you for this opportunity, Deryn. :)


I really hope I win this time! Looks like a great class just like all the others were great!

Angela Kesling

Oh my goodness. I hope I win! I need it so badly!!!!


how wonderful!
crossing my fingers ;)

Lori Ackerman

I would love to be in the drawing. Have you linked in FB.


Nancy Lefko

How generous....I will happily share on my Facebook page. Looking forward to meeting you at AIY in CT :)

peggy musson

Hello Deryn, please put me in the draw looks very interesting will put link on my facebook.


Ah, thank you for this offering!! I'd absolutely LOVE to win a spot in your class!!! It looks AMAZING!


I would love a chance to play in this class! I learned so much in the last boho bliss session. Thank you so much for doing this.

sarah stoddard

Love your work and would love to win a spot in this class!

Lisa P

I would love to win a spot in this class! I shared on facebook:


and Twitter:



I so wanted to take this class but couldn't. Could this be the Universe answering to my hearts desire? Happy belated birthday to such a giving soul.

Stacey M. Curry

I am giddy about fall as well...chilly mornings and evenings here in Wyoming but the sun has been bright and cheery during the day! How generous of you to offer two spots!!!! I would love to win! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

Jean Hutter

Oh I would love to win - Love your work and this class sounds amazing.


Thanks so much Deryn, loved boho hoops and would love to give this a try too. Shared on my facebook page.

stella fisher

ooooohhhh yes please, count me in the draw, thanks. (shared on facebook too)

francine morano

What awesome jewelry pieces, I would love a chance to win a spot in one of your classes Thanks for the opportunity!

Tammy Tunstall

Your work is amazing!! I love how you put random stuff together but then somehow it is not random anymore :) Just beautiful!!!

K Hutchinson

It would be a dream come true if I won a spot in your class! I'm in total awwww of your work! It's always so inspiring! Happy Thursday :)

Polly Hendrickson

Hi Deryn! Thank you so much for being so willing to share your techniques! I would love the opportunity to learn from you, and your work is gorgeous!

Your friend, Polly

Kristin Oppold

Would love to join!

Sascha Frowine

Hi Deryn- I LOVED being in your last class Boho Bliss and would LOVE to win a spot in your new class! Sascha

Julie Seager (Roma)

Hi Deryn,
I so need your help to re-inspire my soul. Would love to take one of your classes; you inspire me!
Julie~ xoxo


So tempting. I'd love to win !

Tracy Bell

This class looks like another great one.


Awesome idea! Thank you!

Andi Hinkle

hi Deryn!!What an awesome cless! As with all your jewelry and classes, I love it all!
Great tasdte and talent...
hugs, Andi

Josephine Jones

Oooh, I'd love this class, it's right up my alley!!


Would love a chance to take your class!!

Tena santaularia

I would love to take a class from you! I have shared your name with another artsy friend... Hope she sees this too!


What a great giveaway! I do some soldering pendants and would love to learn more skills. Thank you!

Susan Marling (quiltingjewel39)

Your classes are fabulous. I would love to take this one!! Budget constraints permitted me from doing it but would love to win it. Thank you for the chance.

Katie Hanrahan

I have wanted to take one ofnyour classes for quite a while but just haven'tglad the time available. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! Your Alchemy of Objects class looks fabulous!

Paige Hull


I have not been able to make any jewelry since Smoot and I started The Vintage Round Top project. I am VERY rusty on what I had learned up to that point. It is not like riding a bike.:(

As you know, I LOVE your style!! I've been aching to get back to my passion. Hopefully one of these days!!

Good luck with the success of your class. The workshop looks so cool!!

Jean HIckok

I just discovered your work this summer and LOVE your style!!! I hope to win!!

Colleen Pike

Oh my... my heart is beating fast! I adore your work and would love to win a spot in your online class!!! Thanks for sharing your work with all of us.

Richelle Post

I would love to take this class! I hope Lady Luck picks me!

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