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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Francesca Anatra

Hi Deryn! I just signed up for the class and I posted the link on my Facebook page. I'm excited about the class, my third with you, and hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

Beth Bricker

On my facebook page!


This is awesome - posted on both personal and fan page :)

Thanks for the opportunity!

Karen Diwan

Oh my! This looks so amazing! It would be awesome to win a spot in The Art of Closure. It is SO hard to find beautiful & unique closures & findings. Would LOVE to learn to make my own.


What a great class! I will keep my fingers crossed for my name to be pulled :-)

Donna Knadle

Hi Deryn! I posted on my Facebook page, but I don't have a blog. Here's wishing me luck.

Lana Kinney

Oh my I hope I'm not too late..that would be awesome to win....I already register...hee hee more moola for tools and supplies would be amazing...off to share the link...thanks Miss Deryn xox

Linda Marino

I put you on my Facebook page and will put it on my blog. Thanks for the opportunity, and you are right. Why buy them when you can make them?!

Julie Savolt

So kind of you to do the giveaway! I'm feeling like it could be my lucky day. So looking forward to your class and all you have to offer!

Mette Neerbek

don't know if it is to late, but I posted your link on fb. love your work

Jo Nyboer

Sounds great, I would love to have a chance to do this course. Posted on facebook now!!!!!!!

Adrienne Crist

I just found your blog, oh my your work is tremendous! I have shared your link on Facebook. I would love to participate in a class like this, I have never attended one before.

Penny Metzger

Posted on FB! Can't wait for the class to start! :)


i'm an admirer of your work and it would be great to win! i am posting to facebook now!


How cool to offer a chance to win! I shared on FB as directed. Thanks so much!

Kathy Reed

Thanks for the opportunity...would love to win!

denise marley

I just posted to my face book!! YAY!

Diane Thompson

I need closure in more ways than one. I'm always a apprehensive when I get to the end of a piece. Does anyone else freeze up?

Melissa M

Hope I'm not too late to be entered, Deryn! I would love to take this class...just blogged about it!


I would love to take this class and hope to figure out a way I can work it into my crammed schedule.
Getting it free would help. ;-)
Gave you some facebook love with a link.
Your jewelry is gorgeous!

Patti Durovchic

Thanks for the opportunity... sounds fabulous! Just Facebooked your link. https://www.facebook.com/patti.durovchic

Jane Radoszewski

Told my friends of my 1st online class on fb....I'm getting my workbench cleaned up ....can't wait but will have to.


Hi Deryn, posted your link to my fb page and now I'm going to go look at my calendar to see what I need to do to make this class happen!
-Cara Ellison Halbirt


What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks for offering a chance to win a spot in your class! I'm posting on FB about this!


I would love to take one of your classes...so I will throw my name in the hat as well...posted your link to my FB page!


Looks like a very exciting class. Would love to win to learn how to add this kind of artistry to my jewelry. Thanks for the offer, will post to facebook now.

Nadine Wong

What a generous opportunity. I've heard so much about your workshops. Fingers are crossed. Thank you.

I have shared on facebook.


Marian Savill

Posted on my Fb profile, looks a fantabulous e-class, Deryn. :o) Thanks for the chance! :o)

Brenda Bliss

Yeah!! I just posted on Facebook--I would love to take this class-personal touches are so much better than mass produced stuff!!

Charlee Griffith

Just posted your link on my FB. Thanks for your generous offer!

danielle muller

posted to FB :)

thanks for the chance to win!

danielle muller
sngbrd1997 {at} AOL DOT COM

Jill Thompson

Posted a link on Facebook. Would love to win a class from you. Your work is so amazing and inspiring!


Its all about (the) closure. Simple or elegant, sometimes there is an unexpected closure. Confidently solving the design of holding it all together. What a wonderful gift, Deryn. Thank you.

Amanda T

Just posted on facebook. Looks like a fabulous class!!!


Thank you for the generous chance Deryn! This class looks so awesome, and I have loved your classes, they are the best, but I just can't afford it right now. Hope I win, or I will catch it next time around. Off to post the link on FB!


Looks like a wonderful class! Shared on facebook. (fingers crossed) :)

♥ tejae

Robin Nowak

Posted on my FB--hope I'm lucky!!!
Thanks for the chance!!!


Cool! I love the way you make your ear wires and closures. You are right, much more beautiful than store bought!

Julie Jones

I posted the link on Facebook! Awesome opportunity!! You're the best Deryn!

Christy Grant

Deryn, this looks like a great class and I will definitely post a link!

Toni Thornley

I would love to be entered in your draw please thanks so much! xx

olivia hunt

Would love to win thanks

jan Harris

I put the post up on facebook and would love to win tthe drawing.
Thank you for your generosity!!

A Facebook User

Done! I posted on my FB page, and mean every word of it - I sooo want to take this class!
Amy Cousin


Would be a blessing to get a free spot this time! Smiles... The closure class looks awesome, of course. Hugs from Alaska. Karen

Dense Badi

Ooohhhh....me too!....am I too late? :)))) xxx

Leslie Todd

I posted on Facebook! Throw me in the hat too.

Adela Wagner


There is the link to your link on my FB page.
So sweet of you to offer a placement, I have been trying to win one for a few years now.
Thanks for the chance.

Bobbie Breden


Really enjoyed last year's online class, Build Zone, and have really been looking forward to your next class. Have posted your link on FB, and so toss my name in the hat, please. I know I'm gonna really enjoy this class, win or not!

PS A big HELLO to Ms Mayzie!! ;-)


Thanks for the chance to win. Please put my name in the hat. Thank you!



i posted it on fb. the class looks amazing.

Michelle Tucker

I'm really looking forward to this class! I already have the link posted on my blog.

Carolyn Peeler

Hi Deryn, I just put the post up on facebook and so would love to have my name entered into the drawing.
Thanks for the chance.

Siobhan in Santa Monica, CA

I posted to facebook for this incredible opportunity to win...thank you, Deryn!


so excited to be in this class. can't wait to learn new things. i'm addicted to learning!!!


Yay, thanks for the opportunity. I just posted your link on my blog.



Almost forgot how to post on Facebook...it has been a while... You know I couldn't miss taking one of your online classes... I've registered already....so I'm a winner either way! You're the Best!

Ilene Harris

I have already registered and am so so excited! Also did the happy dance when I discovered I can get the videos on my iPad. This will be a great help, as I will be traveling for three weeks total in April. I will post your link to my Facebook page. Here's hoping you get lots of sign
ups as a result...

Lori Bowring Michaud

Hi Deryn, how very sweet and generous of you! I've posted to my facebook page:


and I'm going to register for the class when I get home from dinner (there are priorities you know!)!

Jen Crossley

I would so love to win this I stuggle with closures alot.
Thanks for the chance Deryn


Deryn, I LOVED your Towers & Turrets class and a face-to-face I took at Art Unraveled last summer. I know this will be just as fabulous. I'm looking forward to it!

donna joy

posted on facebook~

Cindy Swan-Eagan

Okay - I've posted to Facebook! I'm so ready for the class - I hope you pick me!! Thanks for your generosity, Deryn!! (fingers crossed, girl in the back saying "oh, pick me, pick me!!)


Hi Deryn, I'd love a shot at winning a spot in your class! Posted on FB, once on my personal page and once on my business page!


Hi Deryn,

I am looking forward to the class. It is making me get my work space in order and somewhat organized!

I posted link to my blog: http://goodtogojewelry.blogspot.com/

Lori Burek

I want to win! I shared on facebook. I would love to be in class!!! Lori Burek

Michelle Lee

Just saw this on facebook! I would love to win this class!


deborah taylor

posted on facebook, please count me in the draw. Thanks Deryn xx


I would love to win this xx


I posted to my FB.Some of my friends are jewelry designers and some are artistic in other media.
Anyway Deryn thank you for the opportunity to win tuition! It would be a thrill to win! I don't win things very often at all...but it's ok if I don't because I feel lucky to be here!

dawn neaves

I so much wanna win, have posted to facebook Thanks Dawn


Your classes are the best. I posted earlier on FB but my iPad would not allow me to comment on your blog. You have come such a long way since that license plate book! I'm so proud of you and you're not even my daughter!

Sandi Volpe


Just posted on my facebook page, I am a huge fan and would love to see more peeps take your course:-) and me, on the fence due to time constraints!!

Sherri C.

Looking forward to taking another chock-filled informational class with you. The last 3 have been great and looking forward to more.


Congrats on the cover. You are a gifted artist and deserving of that honor. I took your first online class & am the proud owner of a blow torch...never got anything really made. Just thought alot. When I retire, I plan to take every class you offer & suck your brain dry. Just heart all your pieces.
Cute, cute puppy, too!

Paula Hardesty

SUCH beautiful works of art and I would love to be able to create such masterpieces. Hope I'm a lucky girl!
Thanks for the chance Deryn!!!!

Louise O'Prey

Posted on my Facebook page - please pop me in the hat too :D

Karen Downs

Would love to win a spot in this class! Your classes are great - have taken the Towers and Turrets and the Build Zone! Will post the link in Facebook. Thanks for a chance to win!

mary harding

Hi Deryn,
I posted your link on my Facebook page and wrote about the class. A very nice pic of your closures accompanies it ( from your post.) I would love to get the class for free since I have signed up already. But either way, I know I will be very happy taking it.

Sue Trump

Posting and crinkling my name for the hat. I always crinkle my entry so it stands out. :-)

lisa byrd

Love paying it forward. I only wish I had more places to put your link for this class. Heading on over to my fb page to link you up...hopefully with some of my precious people:)

Louise Turner

I have shared this on my FB page (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1680091826) and clearly would love the chance to be taught by you. All your classes look amazing. I just wish I weren't so chicken :)
Thanks Deryn

Cindy Eagan

Posted to Facebook! I'm in, I'm in --- ohhhh, I hope you pick me!


I would love to take this class and was thinking of signing up :) but winning would be even better.


Janice Richie

Hi Deryn, I posted your link on my blog, as well as a picture (I hope that's okay). It's shown at www.janrichie.com. You have NO idea how much I would appreciate this class. I've taken BoHo Bliss, The Build Zone and Towers and Turrets, and can't come up with the money for this class and feel SO BAD about it. Hopefully, my name may be one of them pulled! Thanks so much.

Jodie Marshall

I posted on my blog and to my Facebook! Looks like a great course!!

Lori Ackerman

Hello! How generous of you :) I've posted you to my Facebook page (Lori Frank Ackerman). I am already signed up, have my torch in hand, and ready to create!

Carol Combs

Hope I did this right, I would love the take this class. I took your towers and turrets class and learned to much.



Deryn, I posted the following on my Facebook page: Deryn Mentock creates absolute masterpieces with her jewellery ~ when I grow up, I wanna be just like her!!

Blessings ~

Stella Fisher

Signed up to facebook especially to enter this competition lol! I would adore the chance to join this class Thanks very much xxx

Wendy McKenna

I will gladly put you on my Facebook! You are my number one blog and I go to you everyday to see if you have put on anything new. Thanks so much for your uplifting work and blog.

Erin Prais-Hintz

I know firsthand that your tutorials are great. And I have only had the printed PDF tutorials! I think a dream of mine is to take an actual face-to-face class with you, but this would come in a close second. Would love to win! Just posted to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1467356309&ref=tn_tnmn

Enjoy the day, Miss Deryn!


I would LOVE to win! :-)

Deb Patrick

Did some back scratching..






I know I get only 1 chance.. but love paying it forward.

Eloisa mueller

It's so lovely!!!

cristi clothier

What a fabulous looking class! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot.

I'm FB'ing now.

Cristi Baxter Clothier


I posted on my blog and am totally crossing my fingers. Your class looks just amazing!

Margit Jaaska

I just posted the link on my Facebook page and I would really-really love to win a free spot in your class :-)

Kathy Reed

Would just love to win Deryn!

Trinka Seals

The video of Mayzie just delightful.
Signed up for class and looking forward to
it. Your classes are the best.

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