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Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Deryn, what an amazing post. Your finished necklace is stunning with each component as important to the over all design as the focal. Your choices were so perfect in echoing the feel of your inspiration piece - just gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing all of the pretty designs made by all of the participants. It's neat to see how everyone interpreted the original picture in their own style.


Deryn, I just watched your design process video and loved it. Fascinating to see the process at work. Plus your necklace is spectacular. Everyone did a great job on the challenge, too.


glad to see the black drop glass put to such beautiful use. a lovely piece...
good luck with the kitchen upheaval!


Your necklace is fabulous, Deryn! The brooch you used as a focal is a sensational find. And I have been drooling over all the eye candy that was created for this challenge - such talented ladies, such wonderful pieces!


A Minor Ornamentation is gorgeous!! The challenge participants pieces are also lovely!!

kathy ward

loved all the pieces! hope i make the next challenge in time!


I liked the story behind your piece. Nice piece. In fact all the design challenge pieces are great. It would be hard to pick a favorite.

Christine Damm

I love knowing the background of the pieces that people create-- it makes the appreciation of them so much more complete. Probably my only knowledge of mourning practice came from watching "Gone With the Wind" as the ladies of her Southern community gossiped about Scarlet dancing with Rhett at the ball while she was still in mourning clothes (which she worn a lot as she went through multiple husbands!) Your piece takes us through grief, resignation and acceptance while remaining beautifully romantic and elegant. The restrained color is enhanced by the dark glimmer of the m.o.p and jet. Thanks for all the eye candy-- wonderful interpretations of the challenge by everyone!

Sue Trump

Awesomundo! I love your creation and even more your story.

Erin Prais-Hintz

I will send you the link tonight! I just haven't had time to write a thing. Love what you made! Very gothic and mysterious. That mop focal looks like the murky insides of a crystal ball to me. Enjoy the day!

Shirley Moore

Well, I'm having all sorts of computer issues. Sorry for the delay. Here is my link: http://beadsandbread.blogspot.com/2011/10/deryn-mentocks-inspirational-challenge.html


Oh Deryn I LOVE the new piece! A Minor Ornamentation indeed - it's really, really beautiful. I especially love the raspberry accents, it just sets off the entire thing and that centrepiece is GORGEOUS. How much is it going for?

diane cook

Beautiful...all of them!

katalina jewelry

A Minor Ornamentation is a gorgeous piece, Deryn!

It's amazing that one photo can inspire so many different, yet beautiful designs!

carla fox

Beautiful......all of them!

Ann Faircloth

My, my! What gorgeous creations. Love, love, love what you've all come up with.


Deryn, your piece is just gorgeous!!! Everywhere you look the eye is greeted with something lovely.

I love how you tied a bit of history to naming your piece. And thanks for that little lesson on the practice of mourning.

I think Jennifer's link might need to be fixed...I couldn't get it to work.


OMG! Each of these pieces are so so beautiful! Just breathtaking. I adore your piece Deryn, and really appreciate your explanation of the mourning. I have some victorian mourning pieces made of hair, but never got around to really researching what it was all about. Thanks for a wonderful challenge!


Hi Deryn, I've done a lot of painting challenges, but this is my first jewelry challenge. Thank you...it was a lot of fun!


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