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Monday, September 12, 2011


Heidi J. Horan

Thank you, Deryn, for mentioning the Texas fires. Last Sunday, my daughter and husband, who live in Bastrop, were away from home and working at the festival at the Sherwood Forest Faire. It's not far from where they live. They got a call about the fires. By the time they drove the few miles home, the roads were closed and they couldn't get in. On Tuesday, they were finally allowed in to their house. It was a small pile of rubble. Unfortunately, they lost all of their animals, including 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hedgehogs, 14 chickens and a miniature horse baby, which they had just brought home... thankfully, they are safe, except for their psyches. Bastrop activated the emergency management lines at 2:28PM and at 2:59PM, a message was posted on facebook that fire was all over Charolais Rd., which is their address. It burned 4,000 acres in less than an hour. The power of nature is scary and, on this scale, many of us know someone affected. I used to think that too many people spent too much time on facebook...maybe they do, but I have since seen the good that site does, whether it is informing and warning people, or helping rescue pets and reuniting them with grateful owners. Anyway, any time someone acknowledges and honors those who have losses in these disasters, I want to thank them. So, thank you.
Heidi Horan


So much devastation... stay safe.

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