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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Christy Grant

This sounds so good,


well my mom wouldn't argue with you on the jalapenos. she has to have something hot with all her meals.

i love chutneys and this one sounds yummy!


oh yum!
and such wonderful photos, they entice me.


I seem to be in a curry frenzy at the moment.................I can't wait to try this recipe!!


Maine is known for blueberries! I really want to try canning this year. We did it as kids with my mom. Maybe I'll make some apple chutney or sorts, with all the apples from our orchard. Enjoy!!

Donna Gunn

Beautiful. There is something very satisfying about a pantry filled with food you canned yourself. Unfortunately there isn't a ready source of fresh blueberries in so. Cal.


I am sold! I bet it would be tasty with grilled salmon...
Take care,


What a fun post! I've never canned anything, but am now so tempted and inspired by your adventure.


Funny how things can jog our memories. I remember my mother putting up green beans they grew each summer. She would process these late at night; sometimes until midnight. She said she would lie in bed counting the number of "pings". Until she heard each one and know they had sealed could she go to sleep. Blueberries are my very favorite. I am going to try your chutney recipe.

Glass Princess

I'll have to dig around a bit and see what I can find. Only been here two years, so it's still a learning process!

Glass Princess

AHHHH, your killing me with the Blueberries! I can't find any fresh ones that are local here in San Antonio! I moved here from Oregon two years ago and left behind a plethora of plump, juicy, berries in every form! Now all I seem to find are ones shipped here from CALIFORNIA for a price! Enjoy your bounty.. know that I am envious!


Yum! I can't wait for blueberry season here (VA)

cynthia Wolff

really fun wonderful post...dang wish I could hang with you over a meal and that chutney...do you make jam too? I love, love love
blueberries...thanks so much for taking us to Texas.

Elly Snare

Looks like a fantastic recipe! I want to try my hand at some chutneys and pickles when we get the tomatoes in, in a few weeks. Thanks for such helpful instructions too.

Donna P

Yummy! My husband planted 780 highbush blueberry plants last year and this spring. He wants to have a U-pick business so I'm thinking I'll be needing to gather recipies for myself. Our berries are just setting on flowers here in northern Maine. Thanks for posting this Deryn

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