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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Judy P

I have a "Spidey" that I made from wire and black beads. He sits on my worktable and "critiques" my work!! :o)

Sally Turlington

Ha! I'm just now seeing this too cool video. I really like the little spidy devils. I am so surprised that you even elected to try making them as icky as you think spiders are! Your repulsion is hysterical in this tutorial. Love it. You're so funny.


Great video and great craft!! It was pretty cute watching you get progressively creeped out as the spider came together! lol You are definitely a natural in front of the camera!

Sharon @ norah'S

you are so cool

Christine Damm

Oh, Deryn, you just crack me up!!! I don't care for arachnids myself and last week I was laying in bed looking at the sheer curtains on my bedroom windows and I asked Douglas "Do you see that big black spot on the curtain?" Sure enough, it was a HUGE spider! He took off his slippers and went over and dispatched it. Ugh! Your are a lot cuter! Loved your earrings in Handmade Jewelry-- one of the better projects in the magazine. Happy Hallowe'en!

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