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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Michelle Adams

oooooh lovin' both those gifts! And 25 years!!! Fantastic! Congratulations (although belated!) and happy anniversary to you both!


Congratulatons- what a great accomplishment in this day and age!

Catherine Witherell

A very romantic post!


Holly Westfall

Deryn, congratulations and wishes to you both for many more wonderful years!

Linda Manning Findley

Congrats Deryn & David on 25 ... now heres to many many more ......

Lis DesJardins

This is just so happy, delightful, romantic, it makes me weepy! Well done, Wife Whisperer....Well done, Wife!


What a wonderful salute to 25! Congrats on the tremendous milestone, and may you and Wife Whisperer enjoy many more wonderful Anniversaries ahead..! :-)

Lori B

I'm guessing Happy Wedding of 25 years? Wow what a cool shot gun. I have been learning about shot guns and have been shooting them recently - mid life thing. They pack a punch!
Yours is story telling!
Best wishes!!!

Denise Tucker

Happy love and marriage!!! So happy for you!!!

kari mcknight holbrook

It was so lovely meeting you at Shady Ladies! I hope we see more of each other in our travels! (The Divas are sending you an invitation to join our ranks should you like! No real participation is required, but it is a nice place to creatively hang out!) Big Hugs,

Beth Bricker

Congratulations!!!!!!! and welcome to the club. 25 years is something to be celebrated, a lot of hard work, compromise, forgiving, understanding and loving has gone into those 25 years. How wonderful when the vows we made 25 years ago still mean something.


Holy Smokes! What a beautiful gun (this comes from another gal married to a husband who loves finely crafted, perfectly accurate shotguns). I do believe Wife Whisperer will continue his wonderful ways for another 25 years!
Speaking of wonderful ... what a FABULOUS RING! (this time, not one you made yourself - but it seems made especially for you, just the same).
Was the ring a complete surprise? :)
Congrats, my friend - on 25 years, and a wonderful life filled with purpose & love.

cynthia Wolff @Beatenheart

Wow! I had to think about that one for a moment..Must be something good going on over there in Texas...25 years is a good long time...its got to be all that whispering...Love you and take care, Cynthia

Karen Burns

Happy Anniversary. In this day and age, 25 years is an accomplishment. Congrats! (we have our 30th this summer :-) There is truly something to be said about longevity.

Erin Prais-Hintz

My favorite quote...

"Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Obviously you are looking outward in the same direction. Congratulations and many more happy years.

Enjoy the day!


wowsa...scared me at first, but ended with the sparkle..which I really like!

~*Amber Dawn*~

~*Congratulations to you, Deryn and the wife whisperer! 25 more!!!*~


Well,well!! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! Today is our 30th!! Not only do I love him, I still "like" him.... That's a big deal considering all the messin'round and divorces going on in these times.....we are most fortunate and very blessed!!

Danette Darbonne

Very interesting post and a good looking gun. Have you been married 25 years?


Congratulations, Deryn, to both you and your husband. It can be hard work. Wishing you another 25, and even better than the first!




HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! And best wishes for many more!



Congratulations on 25, Deryn! May it be the best year yet, and many more best years to come. :)

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