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Saturday, April 10, 2010



I love the 2nd pair! What brand were they? I am heading to Texas in February where they have a Cavender's :-)

Michelle Adams

Oh oh!!! I'm behind the times but had to comment on those boots! (I LOVE boots - I'd take boots over high heels any day!) Both are outstanding but that first pair with the turquoise leather peeking through...{swoon}...LOVE THEM!!!! Nice pickin' girl! lol

Maija Lepore

You bought both of them, right????


I LOVE the boots Deryn! I also really like the new picture of you on your blog!


Holy moley, Deryn! Those are gorgeous!!

Lee W

I love the boots! I have a pair of Justin boots sitting in my closet- time to bust them out!!

Holly Westfall

ohhhh.....cowboys..... ::sigh:: (wish I lived in cowboy country)

oh, and yes, those boots. Uhm. Luscious.

Stephani Gorman

Love the red ones! You made some awesome choices! Have fun!:)

Linda Byrd

Oh my gosh, you've touched on my addiction! I LOVE cowboy boots, have a pair of black Justins that have walked so many miles (many of them at the Houston Rodeo), they need to be resoled. I love every pair of Old Gringos I've ever seen, and Rocket Busters -- Well, no need to say more. Welcome to the club, where we reject all cures for our addiction.

Mary Franzenburg

those have got to be the coolest cowboy boots I've ever seen! The blue ones!


Yee Ha! Always knew there was some Cowgirl in you! (you know - you don't have to ride horses every day & live on a ranch to be a Cowgirl At Heart! :]
These boots so ROCK! The last pair is my personal fav. (Who makes those?)
Wife Whisperer has no idea that he has created a Cowboy Boot Monster!


Never too late to join us natives with real fancy footwear...congrats and may many more follow!!!

cynthia Wolff @Beatenheart

Love boots, love cowboy boots...We have a great flea market here that has thousands of em...The Rose Bowl...I got a great pair at a Garage sale, Tony Lama's for $5...luv them..also have a red and blue pair of Justins which are plain but great...comfy...


I have never lived in those locations...my boot obsession started 20 years ago in Boston, when I was having trouble with my feet! 30 pairs later, I still love them!

Mary Beth Shaw

Oh my oh my. I love boots. Cowboy boots 'specially. Yum. Hope you got both. Cause you been workin' really hard, wink, wink.
And cause they're really cute :-)


Those are some beautiful boots! Are they comfortable? I've never tried on a pair before.


Love these! I've always wanted a pair, I just need to get out and find some!

Danette Darbonne

I am a big cowboy boot fiend. I got my first pair when I was about 9 and I used to wear them to school with my dresses. I've been through at least 5 pairs of ankle boots and I have an authentic pair of Justins that the real cowboys call "lizard tops." I love exotic skins and I don't even care if the PITA police come running after me. Those boots are great; nothing looks better on a woman with jeans!


It's amazing when we realize that something that has been available all this time, we never took advantage of...but, watch out when we do, there is no turning back...lol. There is just something about how it makes a girl feel, wearing cowboy boots.


Good cowboy boots are one of the best investments you can make!! I live in the land of Tony Lama and Lucchese!! Too bad you can't come down to El Paso and let ME take you boot shoppin'!! hehehe There's a little bit of cowgirl in all of us and a cool pair of boots just accents that!! A good pair never goes out of style and they just get better and better every time you wear 'em!!
Looks like you may be hooked....Enjoy!!!

Tanya Z

I want to have a pair of those too! I hope they ship overseas.


I want the turquoise ones!!!

Angie Platten

LOVE them! And I've always secretly wanted a pair too... and why I picture red, a color I very rarely wear, I do not know. LOVE the ones you chose!


wow, them are some mighty good looking boots.


LOL!!! You sure got some good looking boots, Miss Deryn!
I am, sadly, not a shoe lover. Even my husband has more shoes than I do. Nine times out of ten, I come out of a shoe store empty handed. But just give me a flea market...

kelly snelling

you are very naughty! two pairs! honestly, i think cowboy boots are Better than jewelry. there, i've said it. :0) i LOVE the ones you got. they're gorgeous! i have serious boot envy, deryn.


Those are definately fabulous! I went boot crazy last month at Macy's, but nothing too cowboy(girl)ish. But when great leather boots are 75% off, what's a girl to do? (buy several of course.) Hmmmmm... but now I think I need me some cowgirl boots!!!


Erin Prais-Hintz

Dang. But those are some mighty fine boots you have there! I don't have any, but then again, I live in central WI. Bought my hubby a pair once from the local B Bar 10. They were pricey. I think he wore them all of twice. I don't think they were sized properly. Hey. Maybe I can wear them! Enjoy the day! Erin


Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh oh my gosh little sis!!! First it was visions of biker chick boots, leathers, and the taking to the road. Now cowboy boots,saddle soap, and all things denim!! The next thing you know it will be cute little thong sandals, the coconut smell of sunscreen and talking Wife Whisperer into throwing caution to the wind and moving to a little paradise!! ;)

I am sooooo loving the boots I need to print off a copy I have all kinds of ideas for a really cute "toplet"!!! :)

Pattie :)
Mazatlan Mx.

mary jane dodd

who knew for sure?! those are really special boots - so beautiful.. and i am really partial to the turquoise and brown - enjoy!!!

Beth Bricker

love them! Did you buy both? Or was that a warning of something to come?

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