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Monday, April 05, 2010



beautiful!! it's the first time i see a message like this one on the back side of medal!! we can read: I am a Catholic, in case of accident call a priest; Awesome!!

Maija Lepore

That necklace ROCKS!!!!


Wonderful work! I'm glad someone told you what the french said in the back of the medal.
Not sure if you know, but the other medal is St. Dismas- the thief on the cross who went to paradise... ; )

Karen Burns

Oh, biker chic in your daydreams, huh? I'm more at home with denim and being barefoot, too. I do love the necklace, though. Lynn certainly conjured something special for you to work with. Lucky Shuku!



Kelly Jeanette

What woman has never dreamed of taking off into the sunset on the back of a Harley?Skulls and denim do kinda conjure up the bad boy culture. I love this necklace. It's a beautiful peice.

Lynn Davis

Deryn, I've always liked the wonderful combination of gems and skulls that you used with my pewter, this is one of my favorite designs you've created. I should make more focals like it, right now it's one of a kind, and it makes me happy to think of you wearing it, with ideas of being a biker chick in your thoughts. I need to send you a pair of skully beads so you can have some earrings, too.

Thanks for the mention, it means the world. Hugs!


I agree with the comment left by the above poster...you do look quite full of grace in your photographs... very photogenic, indeed. What a spectacular necklace - seems so different but yet full of your classic style. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story behind the St.Christopher medal...what an inspiring one.


I remember those carefree days on the back of a roaring Harley and I most certainly would have worn this gorgeous Protection necklace! Too chic, my dear!

diane cook

Oh, I am sure she will be lovin' it, because it is soooo beautiful =)
Really love the earrings, AND the decayed skull pendant by Lynn reminds me of the days I lived on the ranch, when we would find animal skulls in the woods.....
Different people....different dreams =) Ahhhhhhh.......


Oh, now you have done it! Now I am thinking of days gone by, when I was a biker chick...
Great necklace, Deryn!!!

Thespoena McLaughlin

Gorgeous work!

Molly Alexander

Hi Deryn - I, too, long to travel the States with the wind running through my hair on the back of a chopper. As I am fairly certain that this won't happen anytime soon, I will live vicariously through this beautiful necklace!

:-) Molly

Lelainia Lloyd

That is a gorgeous piece Deryn. I love the denim look of it. It makes me think of something someone in New Orleans would wear-it reminds me of the cemetaries there where there are lots of skulls and crosses in the same place. I don't see skulls as sinister things...I rather like them.

I never knew Catholic religious medals had "I am Catholic, in case of accident, please call a priest." on the back. Interesting.


Hi Deryn,

I love the biker chick necklasce and your story. It reminds me of the comic strip called "Rose is Rose" the main character, Rose Gumbo, has an biker chick alter-ego who helps her though dangerous things, like eating jalepanos.


Kay Hobbs

Deryn, what a beautiful writer you are. I felt the desire in my being to be that biker chick, to feel the wind on my face, the road beneath my bike, and HIM all throughout my everything.


Deryn, that necklace has gone with me to about 3 places now - two rehearsals and one dinner! It's beautiful and it conjures up so many beautiful things - funnily enough, I wanted to be a biker too when I grew up. But hey...it's not too late to try is it now? EEEEEEEE! :)

Kim Gibson

On a somewhat off topic note (!) who takes your beautiful photographs Deryn? The ones of you I mean? They always have you looking just a bit mysterious and very graceful. Or rather full of grace would be a better way to say it, since graceful seems to need movement, and you are always very very still. Anyway, I know you are a photographer extraordinaire and wondered if you found a way to photograph yourself like that... I wanna do it too!

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