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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sally Turlington

You are right on -- and I know because I am probably the most FINISHED person you know. (not really.) LOL.

My wonderful friend, a graceful finished lady - the late Mary Ella (Monty) Montague, used to crack us up with her sage advice on graceful living. She said, "Dare to be pitiful" and "Embrace your mediocrity." Now that makes you humble. And with that attitude, you will try anything and you will be able to give others the kudos they deserve without having that old fiend, jealousy, creep in.

Super, thoughtful post, Deryn. That's like you.


if only our society valued the development and growth of character,
instead of the crazed media hyped attention to the superficial.

inner beauty. depth. wisdom. grace. generosity and the willingness to lift each other up as we travel through this life.

Jen Crossley

Perfect timing


well said! i enjoyed my visit and will be back.


Yay, Deryn! What a lovely post here - and over at Victoria's blog as well. I was so darned thrilled to see you discovered by someone who immediately understood everything that you are about. You are to me, and always shall be, "Something Sublime."



This is such a meaningful post Deryn! Phil.4:8 is one of my favorite verses. :)

linda sueLinda Sue

Can't help growing old- may as well brighten it up a bit with grace.


Deryn, what a wonderful post...I visited Victoria's blog and read her sweet words. What an uplifting experience to have a stranger write such complimentary things- and they are so true! :-)I hope we can all age so gracefully as well..it can be a daily challenge. :-)

Kim Gibson

I have always looked forwards to every new year, knowing it will be better than the last. And I am lucky my husband has always been the sort who appreciates that as well. Growing in grace and joy is all we can wish! You are there!


thanks for sharing this. perfect timing too.


You, Deryn, are full of grace, encouragement and beauty.

Lelainia Lloyd

THe main reason people are insecure and unhappy is because they cannot confine their living to the present moment. They are either too busy looking back and living in the past or they are fearful because they are projecting too far into the future. When you live in the NOW, you are completely present in your life. It allows you the freedom to lay all the baggage that comes with dwelling on things.

Poeple will either choose to embrace your light or be afraid of it. It's got nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with THEM. They are only cheating themselves.

"There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself."


Kathy Uhrig

So well stated by BOTH of you and I say YES! I experienced a remarkable thing when I turned 50 years old. On that day I suddenly felt I had somehow "arrived". I felt a permission to be who I am. No more trying to be Barbie or June Clever or whoever I had thought I needed to spend the first half-century of my life being. All at once I was at ease with who I really am and I knew who that person is. For some women it may come at a different milestone in their lives but I sincerly hope it DOES come for all!


Wow! What a wonderful post! I will now think of myself as not unfinished!



What a lovely post! I need to visit Victoria's blog. If she's complimenting you, then she's my kind of lady! :-)
Aging gracefully, joyfully, with class. Workin' on it!

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