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Monday, March 29, 2010



I just got this book and amin love with it. I am so glad to find you online because your creation was very fascinating. I love that you have lots of close ups of it. Great job.


most gorgeous!!! makes me curious about the book.


The book looks right up my alley. I think your bird girl and your mica pieces are so inspiring. I love the thoughtful ideas you come up with for your pieces.


That is one of the coolest things I've seen all day... beautiful and odd what a perfect combination!! Love it!

cynthia Wolff @Beatenheart

Your bird girl goes exactly with the story that I'm telling right now on my blog...I gasped when I saw it as it was so fitting...She is self absorbed because she is hurting, she is wounded in some way...She is covering up her secrets..well my interpretation anyway! I love your work Deryn. You are so blessed with your great vision and talent..cynthia Wolff


I just love your birdgirl and the aviary. Too cool!! What a great story.


I love the care and thought you put behind each and everyone of your creations. This is just an example of what a total artist you are. Lovely work!


I love the quotes & sayings - especially all over Miss Bird Girl's face. Makes me think of all the conflicting emotions within each of us. The bird tree - the mica - and the caged body are pure Deryn, and all weave nicely together to tell your story. This is wonderous & so are you!


congratulations Kiddo!!

What a great job you did, and little birdgirl is ever so lucky to have you to share her sad sad stoy with the rest of the world!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.


The book looks awesome and I love your contribution - such a sad and lovely story you tell!

Lelainia Lloyd

Oh my! Alot of thought went into this. Brilliant and what a story it tells. I get it!

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