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Friday, March 26, 2010



Wow!Deryn, I want to go there! Just beautiful! But..I really want your new top!!! :0)


Deryn, your trip really looked like a dream! And you got to meet the sweet Pattie of Mazatlan! That is really incredible... as soon as I saw that you were headed to Mexico, I was wondering if you two would meet...what an unlikely opportunity..so happy for you both!


yes. the charm and allure of mexico with her open hearted people. and art. everywhere. an on going celebration of hearts and hands expressing themselves with a passion. i fell in love with mexico at age 16 when my travels began. deep into the interior. over and over..mexico and her people have filled me to the brim. this is why i host the annual up coming shrine auction for oaxacan streetchildren grassroots...to give back to the culture that has blessed me in countless ways.
thank you for sharing these postcards from paradise.


Deryn, what great photos! I LOVE all the colors. And those last two of the sunset were so wonderful. I just love sunset & sunrise photos. How great you got to spend time with your family & friends. Patty looks like a great gal. Lucky you with that cute top. Glad you are back safely. HUGS my friend. Talk to you soon. Charlene

Sally Turlington

Yummy, yummy, yummy, from your photos, to the things you saw, to the things you ate. Wowza! What a trip it must have been! I missed you though and am glad you're back in your usual niche all safe and sound. Whew!

Denise Tucker

Thanks for sharing your Mexican vacation, especially the bead/cross purchases! Loved seeing the picture of you and your wonderful family. Not sure I have seen wife whisperer before! Did you buy anything silver????


Stunningly beautiful place. I must get there one day as it really is a very short trip for us and I would so love to meet Pattie in person. She's a sweetie, no? Thank you so much for taking my little bead goodies down to her.


Goodness Little Sister,

You are way to kind!!! What a wonderful gift to be able to spend time becoming friends in the "physical" world along with our little Bloglandian neighborhood!!! A tote and top are the least I can do to thank you for being such a gracious "mule"!!!

Thank you for the wonderful photo journal of our incredible city. Your photos certainly show why Mazatlan earned the title of the Mexican "Pearl of the Pacific"

You know there is always an open invitation to you and Wife Whisperer at our casita!! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.


What a fabulous trip Deryn... thanks for the beautiful photos showing us not only the scenery but also your lovely goodies!


What Great pictures! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

diane cook

Beautiful pictures Deryn. Looks like you brought a suitcase of goodies back home. I love the tin mirror with the love birds~such beautiful colors.

Lori B

Wow! It was like I was on a mini vacation too.


It looks and sounds incredible!! Your photos are fantastic. How great that you were able to meet up with Pattie. Wish I could go visit too. The houses look so wonderful.


what great photos! i've been to Mazatlan once and it was a great time.
glad you had a great trip and got to meet pattie, i follow her blog too.


beautiful pictures! what a gorgeous blue sky. i really love the boat pics, and the buildings against the sky, and the sunset through the buildings.... :)

Sharon @ norah'S

What a wonderful family trip. Thanks for all the photos. I so enjoyed as if maybe I were there too.

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