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Monday, March 08, 2010


Maija Lepore

All so heavenly!! I must have a class with you this year!!! I miss you sweet friend!!


You've been busy, Deryn! It's so lovely to read about your adventures and what you've been up to creatively - here it's been overheating, and now sore throats, and recording albums for fundraising, I'd rather have some time to -work- on art if I had a bit more inspired brain.

Relax, you definitely deserve to. And your students are lucky, I wish someday I'll be able to attend your classes as well. :)

Debbie Cardwell

Deryn: I just saw your blog this morning and I'm touched by your kind comments! I was excited to show you my DM-inspired necklace but later realized that artists are sensitive to people copying their work. So, I'm glad you were pleased at my imitation of your many ideas and elements.
Your blog and your work in Belle Armoire Jewelry have been really inspiring and it was a dream come true to be in your Adorn Me! class. This was my first jewelry retreat and although I was over-whelmed at first with all of the talent around me, I can honestly say that it's one of the best experiences I've ever had.
It is such a generous group of people and I truly appreciate all of the artists and teachers who so willingly shared of themselves. It's obvious that this group of people "get it"! They realize there's a risk in opening themselves and their ideas to others but they must have concluded that the rewards outweigh the risks. It's that willingness to take these risks and the general atmosphere of generosity that truly made Adorn Me! special for me.
I hope to have an opportunity to take another class with you soon. Until then, many thanks and blessings!
Debbie Cardwell

diane cook

Wow! The pictures say it ALL~ What a blast, and it was great being able to get together just a little bit! We must do much, much more =) We live too close to each other not to!

Karen Burns

Sounds like an amazing few days :-)

Diana Frey

Deryn...it was so much fun to see you at Adorn Me! and spend time together after blogging for so many months. You have such a beautiful spirit and I look forward to a growing friendship. Your pieces from Richard's classes are simply amazing...I love them. Hopefully we will meet up again soon.
P.S. remember the pics please.

Riki Schumacher

Oh my gosh, did we have fun or what? It was so great to meet you in person Deryn, what a talented lady you are. Congratulations on such wonderful and successful classes (remember I peeked). Your students were thrilled with their projects. And the dinners were wonderful. I look forward to the next time we get to meet and create in person. Take care Deryn. Riki xoxoxo

Susan Dilger

Deryn, it was great meeting you finally. Hopefully next year we can find time to visit more!

Lorena Angulo

Hola Deryn,
Adorn Me! was an incredible event and I hope we can have it again next year.
Meeting all the talented teachers(you included) and students was a treat! I am sad I did not have the time to see your gorgeous work during the EXPO.
Thank you for your kind words about myself.


Deryn, attending something like that and being around so many creative people would be a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for sharing your photos.


Well, I do believe you had a good time - I'm smiling just from looking at the photos!


It looks like Adorn ME was an absolute blast! And just look at all of those familiar faces.... would have loved to meet many of those ladies in person too. Glad to hear you're back home and relaxing after a successful event!

cynthia Wolff @Beatenheart

Happy International Woman's Day...Hopefully I will be able to attend one of the Adorn Me Weekends..I would so love that...Deryn, if you have a minute pop on over to my blog..and then link to She Who Seeks..She was so kind to feature a song that I wrote and perform with my all girl group The Ukettes in honor of International Womans Day...Thank you so much for your inspiraton in your work..Cynthia Wolff

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