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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Mary Beth

I *love* that bangle. To.Die.For.


Really amazing pieces!


Yep, I would definitely love to fondle the End of the Spear necklace!

Sally turlington

More fantastic jewelry -- the end of the spear is to die for! You just keep outdoing yourself. I know everyone at the show will be drooling. Congrats for having pieces there.


I LOVE that I'm the very first person to fondle all of your beautiful pieces. Your photography is gorgeous, as always, but, honestly, folks you have got to touch these pieces and look at Deryn's gorgeous wirework to really understand how beautiful the work is.

Your pieces are going to WOW everyone at the show. Thanks SO much for being a part of the ObjectsandElements.com team!

Diana Frey

Great pieces, Deryn, I know they will be a sensation at Susan's show. I particularly like your bronze bangle. I can relate to your comment on how difficult it is to keep designs simple and not want to incorporate this and that and of course a touch of bling.

Molly Alexander

Deryn - these pieces turned out beautifully. Knowing your design style, I understand the challenge you must have had keeping it 'simple', but you succeeded on every level!

:-) Molly


Deryn, staring at these with my mouth hanging open, not only because I have a never ending cold and can't breath through my nose, but also, because I love these pieces! They are so earthy and tactile. Have a great weekend...!


the first is absolutely beautiful !!!!


Oh my gosh, Deryn - the End of the Spear necklace is sooooo gorgeous!!! Love what you did! The resin clasp reminds me of old drawings of a face in the moon.



You have done a wonderful job maintaining the "keep it simple" request while giving it your personal twist. There truly is no mistaking that these are not pieces you created!! I would think they should be very popular as there seems to be a layering movement afoot.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.



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