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Thursday, January 07, 2010



Oh what an amazing find!!!


What an incredible, fantastic find. These buttons truly look as they belonged to someone's life-long collection of vintage buttons. They all seem so rare, so intricate...something I'd expect to find a book about the history of buttons...all so precious.

Jewish Jewelry

The photography makes these pieces look even more beautiful.


Gorgeous buttons Deryn!!


These are beautiful! And to have such a story to them makes them all the more valuable.


Like buried treasure!! What a find!!!!


Can't wait to see what beautiful creations you make with them! Great find and their history makes them all the more fascinating - they are really gorgeous, rust and all!


wow, what a lucky find! they beautiful!

kristen robinson

I am completely swooning over the story and the treasures!


Oh Deryn- they are all so beautiful! I hope you make some molds of them too- just in case you wish you had another one!


Those are really beautiful!!! :)

Susan M

Those are gorgeous and even more special because they are survivors - I can relate to that. They will add beauty and something special to whatever you use them in. Have fun.


How very special these are. I just love the true antique, 'weathered' look. The attention to detail here is exquisite, and to think about all the wonderous history embodied through these buttons is a beautiful thing. I will definately be keeping an eye out to see what you do with these little treasures.

Stephanie Rubiano

Lovely pictures and a wonderful story Deryn! I am glad that Galveston is rising from the waters yet again. Having lived there five years, it holds a special place in my heart. Which antique store reopened?

Jo Wholohan

oh these are just awesome Deryn!!!! What an amazing find, i love the stories behind these kind of treasures xx

Nancy K

What a story these lovelies have, I'm sure you will find a way to help them tell it!


THAT must of been exciting finding all those beautiful ornate buttons!!! jackpot

Mary K

Oh I have a thing for buttons and would cherish your find, no matter what shape they were in. Great find.

Diana Frey

What beautiful buttons, Deryn, rust and all...that's what makes them so very special as you said. We all have our rust and patinas that enrichen our characters. I know you will create wonderful pieces from them. Looking forward to seeing you at Adorn Me!

Karen Burns

Great Find! I think these things must feel your presence and jump out at you :-)

Christine Damm

I adore the button with the stag's head! I am a great lover of antique buttons and head right for the button boxes whenever I'm at a flea market. Thanks for the great story about their survival despite the odds-- a great inspirational tale to start the New Year! You will do great things with them!

Halle G

Beautiful photos as well as fantastic buttons! I love that you have a little history to go along with them. It makes them even more precious. I'm sure you'll make many stunning pieces from these.

Deborah VanDetta

Lovely treasures. I can't wait to see what you make with them in the coming year.


Sherry Peck

These are indeed treasures....from the sea...? I don't know if you have a particular thing you clean them with, but when I had my antique shop I used "Ospho"...a blue liquid that auto restorers use on metal to stop the rusting...I use a little or large paint brush to apply it and rinse it of after...it leaves them with a nice ..still old look, but stops the rusting process....I have used that stuff for years on MANY things....it also usually preserves the color...like on tin signs....anyway....love the recent posts!!! Happy New 2010!

Carolyn Mallin

How lovely...from tragedy comes rebirth.I look forward to seeing what you do with these beauties,Deryn.


Oh, I like this story! Those little buttons have lived through a lot and their history is so represented on their finish. I think these little lovelies will be perfect for your jewelry and other art forms. : D


I can not wait to see where these beauties show up!!! What an amazing find! Congratulations. Charlene


wow !!! absolutely beautiful !! I love


How absolutely beautiful - survivors for the survivors. :) Coram Deo, Deryn, and happy new year! I decided to ring in the year properly by 1) sleeping 2) kicking myself into journalling finally. I posted the page and a greeting for everyone! Can't wait to see what you do with these lovely buttons.

Liz Curtin

These are SO beautiful. What an incredible find and story. Can't wait to see what you do with them. It reminds me that I need to get out my stash of vintage buttons and use them instead of letting them languish in the dark. Thanks for sharing this.

diane cook

What a precious story Deryn, and what amazing finds =)


Oh, they are soooo wonderful, Deryn! And will add even more history and meaning to your already mysterious jewelry. Can't wait to see!

Leslie Anderson

What a lovely discovery.


Hi Deryn,

Those are truly lovely! Some, most, deserve to be cast in metal clay or pewter, like Lynn Davis' beauties. That way you can have the beautiful original and a lovely patinated copy.


mary jane dodd

these are such wonderful treasures... they would be great without a story - but knowing the story, and how it changed them makes them precious... and one wonders about their life even before the storm, who they were connected to... such a fabulous find and one that will bring you great satisfaction i am sure...

Wendy Burton

How very beautiful. And as you said, even more to be treasured after what they have all been through. Thank you for showing us your treasures.
Angels be with you.

Riki Schumacher

They are precious Deryn, what a fabulous find. Have fun designing with them, you lucky dog! Riki

Mary Hackney

These survivors have wonderful colors and textures as well as a story behind them. Kudos to you for finding such beauties.


Ah buttons, their lure is my siren song...

Julie Pishny

Deryn, I know that you will breathe new life into these lost treasures, it will be fun to see what beautiful pieces of jewelry they will grace - I am a sucker for things like this and my studio is filled with boxes of them...it's almost like taking in strays - which I also can't resist... blessings - Julie


Oh, these are priceless! (did you find them at the PeanutButter Warehouse? I've found some amazing treasures there!)

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