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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Cindy Eagan

Deryn - the piece is lovely, but the thought is lovelier. I'll up my bid to $250.00 - let's help even more people!

nancy         connelly

For such a need cause, I will bid $225.00.
Hopefully everyone will find that good spot in their heart and send what they can. God be with them, everyone.

Tricia Mentock

Deryn, Love this idea and you for being so generous. I will bid $200.00 You really are inspiring and I am proud of you.

Cindy Eagan

I'll bid $160, Deryn! Thanks!


that's so awesome that the bidding is going so well! i've blogged about your auction and have decided that i will do a drawing for one of my "patchwork of love" pendants for any of your bidders. after you have placed your bid, come leave me a comment and i'll enter you in my drawing. (see link here:


and for the other bidders who have already bid, i have your names written down already for the drawing. i'll draw after bidding closes.


I just blogged about this!


I just sent you a donation via paypal. They need so much help.

Elizabeth Woodford

I have just sent any money that I had for bidding to WOrld Vision to help in Haiti, but I wnated to thank you for what youa re doing and to let you know about a very neat organization. It is a group of women artists who are struggling to work their way out of their poverty in Haiti. I went to High School with one of the gals who has established this organization and it is wonderful. The group is called Women Artists Of Matenwa, Haiti and here is a link to their Web page: http://www.artmatenwa.org/index.html
We Women artists can make a huge difference in our world!!!


i've blogged about this on my blog and i will send you a donation thru paypal.

Corinne Stubson

Deryn, I'd like to bid $150.00...your gift is beautiful...life is beautiful...it's up to us to preserve and protect it.

Erin Prais-Hintz

I'll up my bid to $125.
Anyone care to bid higher?
It's for a great cause.
We have so much, while others have so little.

Thanks Deryn.

Crystal Neubauer

Wish I could bid, but I will post a link on my facebook to get the word out.
You are a beautiful soul Deryn~

Lisa Jurist

I'll bid $100 and will post on my blog as well! It's good of you to do this.

Cindy Eagan

I'll bid $100.00 Deryn, and I'll post a link on my blog, as well (if I can figure out how!!)

Suz Reaney

I'll bid $75

Erin Prais-Hintz

I will bid $90.00 for this, Deryn. I will post a link on my blog as well.

Enjoy the day!

Suz Reaney

I'll bid $70. What a wonderful idea. I have felt so helpless about this today.



i'll bid $70

Stacy Alexander

I can't afford to bid, but I did tweet this auction to my 2800+ followers. Hopefully, it will help.


beautiful soul!


Such a good thing to do to help others.
I will go $60


i'll bid $60.
i just can't believe the devastation.


I have a note on my blog with a link to yours.


Deryn, you are a wonderful soul...and I've forgotten how to bid!!! lol!! So I'll say

$55 bid is now in!!

And I will post this on my blog tomorrow! xo


I'll start this off Deryn...you are a wonderful soul.

I bid $50 and will post this on my blog tomorrow xoxox

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