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Friday, December 11, 2009



I spied your ornament first on another blog and was blown away by the whole concept and beauty of it. Your reliquary is just so incredibly gorgeous....I have really admired the pictures.


This piece is stunning! THank you soooo much for letting me be part of this group!

Christine Damm

Deryn, these are just amazing, both in execution and conception! Dazzling! I think the most impressive part is sealing them with the handcast wax medal. Reading your blog really puts me in the Christmas mood!



I couldn't have said it better then dear Renate!!! How superbly beautiful, and what a beautiful and graceful piece of your soul you have included in each reliquary!!

It's comforting to know there is some one else with a secret little soft spot for tiny little treasure chests! :) My grown kids were trained from the time they were small to never pass up a small treasure chest. No matter how sad looking they they have always brought them home for me. :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

kelly snelling

i haven't had enough time today to sit and enjoy my ornament from you! what a crazy day! i'm just now getting to sit down and hold it close and really admire it. it is so beautiful and dear. i always love what you create, friend. i really enjoyed seeing them here, all together. they are so pretty. you picked so many treasures to share with us. i really like to see all the different trims and medals that you selected. it is so very meaninful and lovely and so, so appreciated. thank you, deryn!

Mary Green

my goodness, they are simply gorgeous - the lucky, lucky recipients!

Maija Lepore

I so adore my reliquary!!! Mine is perfect for me- surrounded by rhinestones! I just love it Deryn!!

Lisa Gatz

Those are so wonderfully scrumptious! I adore them.

Crystal Neubauer

When I posted to you on facebook this morning about it being a good thing you had sewn these shut or I would seriously have given in to my temptation to peek when it came in the mail, I hadn't read your post yet. So here I sit reading and got to your comment about sewing them shut and the group having a tendency to peek and had to laugh out loud. How well you have come to know us!
Your reliquary is such a special keepsake, made even more meaningful to me now that I have read your description. I am always in awe of the attention to detail that you give in your work. I am grateful to be on the receiving end of such talent!

Thespoena McLaughlin

Those are beautiful. And I love the idea of using the wide ribbon to make gift bags. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!


Beautiful, Deryn. Your little reliquaries are sure to delight everyone who receives them. I'm enjoying peeking in on your 12 Days of Christmas swap ~ thank you for sharing. Such lovely, lovely gifts of love. Have a blessed Christmas season.


Hello Deryn, Your reliquaries are gorgeous! How I would have loved to receive one!

Happy Holidays,

Karen Burns

Oh, my, how lovely. I think inspiration may strike again! Running out of time for this year, but I will have to tuck that idea away for next year. Those look like they may have started out as little metal bead tins, the tiny ones. Maybe something where the owner can put her own special treasure in side before sealing..... hmmm..... You do get the gears turning in my head. Oh, and poor Simon.

Tami Roth

AWESOME, Deryn!!! What a treasure this is for your friends!
Happy holidays to you,


Oh Deryn, these reliquaries are most awesome!!! And I love the wrapping too!!

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