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Monday, December 28, 2009



Love your blog and I am inspired but not only by your creativity but also by your love of family, life, and of your faith. Blessings Deryn! xo


wishing you the best for the new year. looking forward to future posts and your beautiful words...

Bonnie Pilon

I was so moved by a statement in one of Pastor Bill Johnsons (of Bethel in Redding, CA) sermons titled "Sacrificial Persistence" this yr. I wrote it word for word..."I found the ONE thing...the ONE quest...the ONE passion...that which consumes every breath of my life. It is the ONE thing. I've boiled it all down to ONE reason while I'm alive...It's the presence...It's the face...It's the countenance of GOD...I must behold His beauty. To live an entire lifetime and not see that is an entire lifetime wasted" Coram Deo *amen*


Happy New Year. I always ment to leave a comment on one of your posts to let you know that your wonderfull blog was an inspiration for me to start blogging. As an artist I am notoriously computer illiterate ( and with a small child in a household at that time...):It was hard for me to learn all I needed to know to put a blog together. But your beatifull creations and many affiliated blogs on your list kept me going. I want to thank you for that. Even though we are not awere of it we do infuence each other in many positive ways. Keep spreading positive influence . God bless you and your family.


Happy New Year, friend. May all your resolutions, voiced and unspoken, be realized. Thanks for the inspiration all year long.


coram Deo~~yes, this is good. Bless you Deryn for again focusing on the most important view~~

karen cole

......and a beautiful new year to you as well Deryn!!!


Yes, our creativity, coram Deo - for Him and Him alone. And I am looking forward to being in the on-line digital image processing class with you at the beginning of the new year. May the new year be an incredibly blessed one for you, your family and your friends!

Denise Tucker

Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year full of creativity, joy, success, and blessings. Thanks so much for your blog and your friendship. You are an inspiration to me as I launch my writing and art careers. Love you! Denise

mary jane dodd

that is an incredibly beautiful vision you have... and if people could only try, so much more attainable than the material pursuits... the cost is dedication to loving - seems so very small ... and with such an incredible benefit to all... if we all try harder, surely the world can become a better place... and we will slip, but as long as we embrace the goal, we will come back to it...


Sounds like a wonderful way to go for the new year, Deryn. I think I'll join you in that pursuit. Happy New Year to you, Dave, and the boys. Love, Sally

Sharon @ norah'S

Your holiday with the house full and happy sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. I know all was beautiful and enjoy all the little snippets that you share.
Wishing you a Happy New Year and your vision fulfilled.

nina b

your sons are beautiful young men. i know how proud you must be of them.


Have a wonderful New Year Deryn. may the Lord bless you with HIs favour in 2010
Numbers 6 v 24

Linda Byrd

What a beautiful post! To me, Christmas is all about serenity, hushed stillness, meditation on God's sacrifice and His blessings. But sometime during the week following Christmas, I'm inspired to take a deep breath, put things away, and get with it. I can imagine Him saying, "Now, freshen up, and live this next year the way I've taught you." I love this season and I hope you, Deryn, have a blessed New Year.


You verbalize so well the thoughts in my mind, heart, and soul, and I am grateful for that! Yes, to live, speak, act, and think in the presence of God is a mighty goal and one which I am striving to meet. I will keep you in my prayers in this New Year and New Life.

Lori Anderson

A lovely post! I love the chaos here. The two older boys are here, the little boy loves it, the house is a colorful wreck, and I really do like it (although I wish people WOULD shut the cabinet drawers!)

Nancy K

wow, thanks for this post! you put into words what has been bouncing around in my head and my heart....living each moment in God's presence, acknowledging His desire to be present in each moment of my life.
blessings to you as you seek to honor Him!


What a wonderful vision for the new year. Have read or do you know about Brother Lawrence? (http://www.practicegodspresence.com)

He wrote a tiny book for his fellow Carmelite monks on "Practicing the Presence of God" about washing the dishes or cleaning the stables or whatever else you dislike or even LOVE doing, but doing it all as if you were doing it in the presence of God and making every task a prayer.

It's a powerful concept, but it can make everyday tasks that much easier to do.

Blessings a best wishes for the new year.


Those sound like desires that come from the heart of God ~ Beautiful visions of love for the new year. I too, absolutely love Christmas and don't want to put away the decor. I know in a few days I will want to though... and say goodbye to them for 11 months til we meet again! Thank you for posting about DJ Pettitts online photo manipulation class! Both my daughter and I are going to sign up for it, that is something wonderful to look forward to! ~ New Year Blessings to You ~ Violet


Coram Deo indeed - what a beautiful creed to have for the new year. It's always been something I aspire to but unfortunately I haven't been doing very well at it! Blessed new year, and thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us in your work and in your faith.

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