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Saturday, June 06, 2009



gorgeous and amazing... congratulations on a successful collaboration. can't wait to get the book into my hands!

Violet @Create Beauty

Hi Deryn,
What a delight to view your work! And what you wrote about the dry bones really spoke to me this morning. Thank you for sharing that! ~ Violet


Deryn! This collaborative piece is truly stunning! The vials of itty treasures are so precious and I adore your skull and feathers focal piece. So glad I got to peek at your blog today. I'm inspired all over again!

smile. Mija

Crystal Neubauer

I saw the book in Barnes and Noble over the weekend and was reluctant to pick it up because I couldn't buy it yet. I had no idea I was passing up an opportunity to look at this amazing collaboration by you and Jen!
I recently did a simple bezel set pendant titled "Dry Bones Dancing" based on this same scripture. It is a story very near and dear to my heart. You did it much honor with this necklace and your words brought tears to my eyes as I read them.
Awesome Deryn! Congratulations ~ now I've got to dash back out to the bookstore to have a look!

nelda ream

This book is great and yours and Jen's piece was my favorite thing shown. I like it even more since you explained all the meaning of the pieces in it.

Erin Prais-Hintz

Do you know how very gifted you are? You bring such life to the pieces that you make and the stories are as compelling as the artifacts that you use. I am left in awe of the time and vision it takes you but mostly by the thought that oozes from each little part. I never tire of seeing what you will come up with next! Enjoy the day! Eri


On a practical note - I'm curious about the tiny containers. Where did you find them? they look amazing.

Lynn Davis - LLYYNN

An inspiring collaboration, both of you are so gifted. Thanks for the info about the book also, I will have to break my "book diet" to get this one for myself.

jenn desjardins

Interesting and beautiful pieces. Very thought provoking! Thank you for once again sharing!


wow !!! fantastic pieces !!!


I must study these pictures extensively because there is so much energy, love, and meaning in this project that I am overwhelmed. Very inspiring and thought provoking...there is beauty in the desert of life.

Kathy McCreedy

Simply amazing... so much work and so much passion went into these pieces, I can tell. Lovely job and great photos!

Pam Carriker

This is just amazing! I will definitely add this book to my wish list.


Oh Deryn,

This is such an incredibled piece and collaboration!!!!! Your two pieces flow so seamlessly. Yet until you tell us that the piece was created by two different artist, can you see the piece is indeed two pieces. Yet even with that knowlege It's very difficult to see where one artist left off and the other one began!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!! :) Be proud of your creation. Your Bloglandian Sisters are ever so proud that you call us Sister/Friend and share with us a piece of your soul!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Christine Damm

I am speechless--I have been moved by other pieces that you've done, actually by all of them in various ways, but this one touches me very profoundly. The thought and the soul in each one of the necklace and sculpture elements is stunning and the collaboration between the two of you is very powerful. The combination of the two pieces is truly magical!


What an awesome piece!!!!! Oh Deryn, you did it again. If I could only aspire to make work like you do! I have two books from LK Ludwig and I will definitely add this new one to my list of "must haves"!

judy wilkenfeld

Conratulations to you and Jen. A wonderful collaboration in what will surely be an amazing book.
No surprise that I loved your explanation..

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