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Friday, June 05, 2009


Kim V

Ooh , especially lovin' the shoes! Congratulations on being in LK's book too - one of my favorite friends is in that one as well :)


Way to Go Deb!!! Excellent artwork! and thanx for sharing the news and pics, Deryn.


fantastic !!! it's really beautiful

Nerissa Alford

Very cool! Thanks for the links
Have a great weekend

Terri G.

Fantastic! Congratulations to your friend, Deb! Now I must hop on over to see more.
Thanks for telling us about her.


These are the coolest shoes! Thank you for sharing them!



Oh, my sweet friend, thanks for this post. I truly am delighted to have my artwork licensed with such a great manufacturer. "Icon Shoes" handbags & shoes are just beautiful (my bag is on its way to me, even as we speak. Yee Ha!)



Holy smokes!!! My mouth is hanging open...I've seen Deb's work before but to see it on shoes and bags?!? Jimmy Choo eat your heart out!! This girl rocks!!


Thank you for sharing! Deb's artwork looks really fantastic. Thank goodness I don't have a weakness for shoes...


What a terrible thing you have done, posting this. OMG! I've never heard of Icon Shoes. Now I have to go shopping!!!! I'm doomed.

Christine Damm

Uh oh! I really need those mules! Very smart shoe company-- using artists to transform the mundane into the divine!

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