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Monday, May 18, 2009



What an absolutely gorgeous treasure box to brighten a day! I'm now digging into my bead stash to see what I can find in there that I can use, with all those beautiful inspirations you've put in my head --after tomorrow, because my voice exam is tomorrow, and THEN I'm free!(That's why I haven't been doing much lately with wire; been too busy finishing one performance and now exams!)


That is a beautiful scripture. Thank you for sharing it, I don't think I have read it before. Had to stop by for my fix of gorgeous pics on your blog!


How pretty!!! Love those rings...


I guess it is the warm weather that is bringing the critters, I ended my night catching flies and taking them outside!
Treasures indeed. I look forward to seeing your creations!
A wonderful mailman like yours can change the flavor of any day. Mine is wonderful too.

Diane Cook

Hey Deryn,
I loved using these enameled rings in my Rings & Relics class, which I took with Susan in Santa Fe. I used a red one in my ring called "Memories of Saturn", in which I posted about here:
I love all the wonderful elements she has available to add to our creations!


Hi Deryn,

I'd say all the wonderful goodies made up for those nasty ants and fleas! I especially love the round metal box with the cross. Is it a Pax?

I wish I had your mailman, what a sweetie!

Have a blessed day!


What a treasure trove you found! Thank you so much for sharing your sources. I am going to go & check these places out. Hope you have a good day today & remember "Dont sweat the small stuff".

Diana Frey

Ohhhh! Rhinestone crown envy. Can't wait to see what lovelies you create with these wonderful pieces. Your post was just what I needed to read today, Deryn, focusing on the positive....thank you!


Erin Prais-Hintz

Can you believe that I forgot to end with my signature?!?!?

Enjoy the day!

Erin Prais-Hintz

You know how I end every post and email I write with "Enjoy the day"? I never liked it when people told me to have a nice day...sounded more like a cheery slap in the face sort of edict...but when I found what has become my signature quote, it just fit..."Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day"....I have found that I now seek out the nuggets of good in every day...puts everything in perspective. You can be having the worst day ever, but there is something good. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post. I wish that I had your postman too!

Lorelei Eurto

i desperately need some newer pliers. I like this set you are showing. will have to put them on my wishlist!

Autumn Clark

This was an awesome post. I have those days a lot and try so hard to gain your type of attitude. I realize that my children directly absorb these patterns and I am trying so hard to influence them to rise above...
I appreciate it,
Autumn Clark


It so very much sounded like a good day!! I love how you think...we're on the same wave length here...so bad things happen. So it isn't the best start to a day (ants in my cereal would freak me out!!). But it doesn't have to spoil the entire day. It's always about choice.


Deryn, I'd say that was a pretty great day overall!! Oh, vintage goodie envy !! Love it all! Here's to an even greater day!


wow !!! it's fantastic !! real treasure


such wonderful treasures!!! They are gorgeous!!!!
Just ecently found your blog and cant get enough....
love your work. See you back here soon!

Christine Damm

I've been coveting those ammonites too! And the Revere pliers! I'd better get some stuff up on Etsy so I can afford to shop more! Can't wait to see what you make with these!

Sharon A. Kyser

Oh, my goodness, will ya' send that postman my way? What lovely treasures! I am excited for you. Your scripture says it all and tied in so well, don't you think! We can store up treasures in heaven and still appreciate the temporary beauties of this earth...thanks for "being there" as a testimony...sharon


That really looks like a box of treausrues. Love those pliers! And the bronze ammonites!


These new goodies are just gorgeous. Wow...truly a treasure trove! My favorites are the sweet rhinestone bow, the rhinestone crown, and the beautiful pill box (or rosary case?) with the cross. What great finds ideed!

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