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Thursday, May 28, 2009


debra cooper

Omgoodness, your caged charlotte necklace is freakin' amazing!! Sorry for the slang, but I'm outta words here! Wow. All of your pieces are so exquisite. The details so perfect. I'm in complete awe. Your jewelry needs to be in a museum. That red tigers eye alone is such a show stopper but combined with the vines, the velvet, just the right amount of brass...unbelievable. Sorry, again, to gush. I've been a way a while and you totally knocked me out!


I sit here in awe over your pieces. You truly are an amazing and talented artist. I look forward to purchasing this magazine. Great job!!!

Riki Schumacher

I love what you did with both, but especially love the "caged" Charlotte. She is just darling, the cage is fitting the little resin leaves are darling above her. Nicely done!

Nerissa Alford

These pieces are just incredible. I kept scrolling down the post & gasped at each picture. You not only made one amazing piece with a charlotte, but TWO! I'm so in love with your work :)
Congrats on the publication. I can't wait to see the magazine.


I just bought this issue and I fell in love with your pieces. They're gorgeous, congrats!

Mary Beth Shaw

These are soooooo cool! I love the juxtaposition of glam meets vintage especially as paired up with the funkiness of the Charlottes. Really nice work.

Diana Frey

Deryn...I so enjoyed your post and to see the beautiful details of your Caged Charlotte.....fit for a queen. Congratulations on yet another publication. Thank you for sharing your authentic, artistic self!


Wonderful inspiring stuff! Thank you....

nelda ream

OoH, La, La, Deryn! These pieces are stunning!

ro bruhn

Yours look great, I can't wait to get the magazine, I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

~*Amber Dawn*~

Top drawer!!!

diane cook

Your Caged Charlotte is so darling. Stampington did a beautiful layout on the pieces.
Congratulations Deryn =)


Just fabulous! I can't wait to see the article! Thanks for sharing, Deryn! ~Christine

judy wilkenfeld

You certainly did an amazing job showing off my babies- lol. So much time and care taken with the other objects that blend beautifully with the metal charlotte.
I love the title of the post too.
Thanks once again.


love, Love, LOVE! it all!!!! But I really like the bracelet - the greens are lovely and the pearls and fabric just add that perfect touch to the Charlotte! I bet there are people just watching your etsy store it hopes it arrives there! lol It brings to mind your Marie A. piece you did. Can't wait to see what you make next!


You continue to amaze and inspire me! Absolutely wonderful!!!


Hi Deryn
Wow...I'm in awe. I missed your post yesterday and a friend emailed to say, did you see that "Something Divine" updated her blog?!!! That was just a mis-type but she sure is correct in saying so. I didn't realize the latest issue of BA was out! Your frozen charlotte piece is incredible...I love all of the detail. I can't wait to go back and look at the links and the artist you shared! :-)

Christine Damm

Can't wait to pick up the new BA-- I just love the bracelet with Charlotte and the precious little tatting! Thanks for all the neat links!


Just when I think you've topped yourself, you do it again!! Awesome, brilliant, gorgeous art! I will run to my local bookshop tomorrow and pick up my copy.

Also, I figured out how to enable comments, so you comment away on my blog!

Keep the beauty flowing!


Stephani Gorman

Deryn, This is such a beauty! I am in AWE! Beautiful!!! :) Stephani

Jen Crossley

Oh Deryn Your piece is just sensational your are just amazing



I've been looking forward to seeing what you would create since you showed the FCs in your posting!! It was worth the wait!! I'm especially taken with the baby in the bird cage!! What an amazing job with the bird cage!!:)

Now if I may I have an "ask a Artist" question :) what are you using to drill a hole in the FCs with?? Are you just using a drill with a small bit, a special type of bit, or a dremel tool?? I have been really hesitant to try for fear of shattering FC's head all over the room :( The two that I used I used E6000 to glue a jump ring to their heads.

I'm hoping the patron saint of expat artists will help in getting the new BAJ here next week!! :) I'm anxious to see all the created pieces and read the article!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

What Happens Next

Absolutely breathtaking!

I am RUNNING out to buy BAJ just to read this article. So glad to have found your blog.


the cage is fantastic !!!!

Erin Prais-Hintz

Oh. My. Goodness. I actually had a few spare moments last night and picked up my recently received copy of BAJ and mysteriously the pages flopped open to your pieces. I did a double take but knew immediately that they were yours! So I quickly devoured the wonderful article (those BAJ writers and photographers are the best)...my very favorite Aunt was Charlotte and that is my daughter's middle name! I love them all, but yours are truly tantalizing. I appreciate being able to see the full piece. It is even better with your full explanation. Such wonderful finds! And you are certainly deserving of the honor of that company of friends. Powerful artists all.
Enjoy the day!


I want that! *wipes drool off table* This is just -gorgeous- Deryn, both bracelet and necklace. I was just putting my vintage beads out on the table and trying to think of what to do with them, and then I see this! I have Ideas now. Well, they'll have to wait till after the festival but I'm ITCHING to do something special with them now!

Kay Mallery

Your creativity never ceases to amaze!


Deryn, every post of yours is something to look forward to! Your creations become more eloquent with every one if that is possible. Thank you for sharing your friends and their talents, I will read and learn about them. The caged charlotte is so regal and divine, stunning, but I absolutely adore the bracelet, soft , pretty, muted, and special....not to mention green....ahhhhh!!


First of all, I love the title!! :) Secondly, I love how creative you were with these Charlotte's...two completely different pieces yet both are amazingly beautiful. Can't wait to see the issue!!

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