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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Janine Kloubert

Dear Deryn,
I am sorry but I am unable to find any of your tut's at etsy anymore.
Will you offer these again ?
Greetings from Germany

Your tutorials are great...I'm fortunate to have a copy of that issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry as well as Charming Exchange where your nests are featured...


Deryn - I think the writing is on the wall or should I say the comments - it looks like your 3rd tutorial should be the leaves - that is if you are up for all the work of the photography and writing! lol And I have to agree with the others - you are amazingly generous with sharing your knowledge!

all the best... :O


I love your wire wrapped jewelry, so beautifully done and with such care! Roxanne

Diane Cook

I made several more this weekend, using different gauges of wire, as well as copper and brass. I also made a few with different colored pearls for Easter, and they are just precious! Thanks so much for sharing =)


Yay !!!!! I'm so all over this, but, hey, wait!!!!! guess I need to wait for payroll to hit ! HAAAAAA

I can hardly wait to try these two techniques. Like everyone else on the planet, I love your work, but will I ever get to the workshop? Probably not.....dang. I'll just keep on buying those lottery tickets.

A friend of mine suggested that I might attend one day because I'm teaching......she is such a dear soul but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Deryn, maybe you'd like to come to New Mexico to do a workshop???? Let's talk !!!


My first go and the result is here

So easy to follow and clear, I didnt think I would end up with this after first go. I am really impressed.

Will you be doing a tutorial of your wingkeeper moth after you have finished teaching your class, I would love to come to this class but its to far from the UK. I think I would be getting a divorce if I did. lol
Its only an idea, but what about a tutorial for a necklace, but over say 6 weeks, if you get the numbers of people and ask for a commitment deposit, which could pay for the last part of the tutorial, just an idea for those who would love to work with you but carnt get there.


nice tutorial. thanks, deryn. =)


Thanks for stopping by my blog! You make wonderful jewelry!

Sandy :)


I agree with Jen -- credit should always be given where it is due...and I believe that is up to the individuals who are using the techniques...always.

jean Benabou

Love the tiny nests and all of the wrapping!


I do really think that your tutorials are awesome. I used one of them for the wrapped links before, and i really enjoyed it. I would higly recomend them to anyone.

As for your leaves, i have been wondering that too. Do you use resinated paper? I tried making some, and that's what i did. It was a lot of work, but has such nice shine to it.


Your little wire birds nest charm is so sweet and I really appreciate your philosophy of sharing and creativity that you bring to your art.

Jen Crossley

How about private tutorial kits LOL
Credit should be given where credit is due i think


Hi Deryn
Your tutorials are great...I'm fortunate to have a copy of that issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry as well as Charming Exchange where your nests are featured. I love your outlook about sharing your techniques, you're a generous soul.

Mary Franzenburg

I have to thank you - I have used your techniques in a lot of my jewelry that has (triumphantly) sold! Your style has been a huge inspiration for me - especially the use of steel wire - I love the rustic effect of it and the price is certainly right! I have been curious about how you make the leaves...do you use diamond glaze for them?


hmmm perhaps tutorial "kits"

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