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Monday, March 16, 2009


Debi Minter

Deryn, I love your heart and spirit. What you said in this post really spoke to my soul. We are supposed to encourage others. That's my greatest gift, and it fits in so well with my life as an emerging artist. Thank you for your uplifting words!


Great post Deryn! Beautifully and well said.
hugs from downunder


I agree as well. Keeping a positive attitiude makes life a little sweeter. I believe that it is much better to spread happiness than anger and negativity. There is enough of that in the newspapers and on TV. I don't feel like I'm sugar coating or making things appear better than they are...and if I did have a major peeve, I might feel inclined to share. But honestly, how can I complain when there are so many people in the world who face life just trying to survive?


Yeah, baby, you tell them !!!! Get out there and be happy !!!!!!!! Love the post, love your jewelry, love the blog, love you. I'm feelin' the love !!!!!!!!


deryn, i have admired your work for quite a while now. totally love your take on the artful blogging!! i agree, life has more than enough depression in it and we all know what real life is!
let us breathe sometimes!!

diane cook

So many people in this world need our encouragement, and are desparately looking for it. All they have to do is turn on the daily news, or look in the newspapers to see what the world is really like. If they weren't looking for good news (whether it is sugar coasted or not) ~ well, they wouldn't be visiting our blog in the first place =)
I believe God instills happiness in us, regardless of the situation, to share His love and understanding with others. That is why I blog, and love to read blogs with the same perspective =)
The bottom line is if we are really authentic about what we are sharing. And, that becomes apparent very quickly with me.
I too believe happiness is a choice. And, I choose to be happy.
Great post Deryn~


hi Deryn !!! your right , where would we be with out link love and blogging - I loved Jenny's article too !! that is exactly how I love my blog to be to people to come and enjoy the beauty around them and to get away from the real world for a minute especially in todays world!
thanks for the shout out too !!


We all have our ups and downs. I do know that there are places to visit, such as your blog, that always bring a sense of compassion, unity and beauty and I thank you for sharing that.


thank you for the joy! we each have enough of the ugly days, discouragements and pitfalls - so nice to feel uplifted from a glimpse into someone's happy!!

keep spreading the love!!

Debra Abel

I cannot speak for others, but I write on my blog for me. A relatively private person, I may blog about something I feel strongly about. I may just wish to share something wonderful, or a resource for someone who happens by. Like many I was raised to be polite and considerate of others. I was taught to share when I was happy and perhaps in the sharing lift someone's mood. I was also taught not to cause distress for another. Do we not get enough "Negativity" every night on the news? I like to think that my blog is like a book. You stop by open a page, if you like the book you make a note in the margins. If you read a bit and don't like the story you put the book down and move on to the next.
With so much available why would anyone chose to seek out misery, sadness, all the anger and cruelty out there? If you want it I am sure you can find it, and if you wish to publish a magazine that focuses on that I guess you could, I suppose there may be some out there who relish another's pain, or add fuel to theirs.
As for authenticity, who is to say if the people writing are "real" or not. I would like to believe that they write from their heart and whether they feel this way all the time is irrelevant. I am happy to share in another's joy, creativity, and optimism. I get enough of the other stuff in my life without seeking it out.


I enjoy the inspiring, the day to day, the problems (well not enjoy, but understanding )
everyone has a part of themself when they blog..out there for everyone who cares to see it..
I see it as way to meet and get to know...
visit, see, share...enjoy

Lisa Gatz

I have spent way tooooo much time on the dark recesses and not enough on the bright spots. I'm not in a place where I want to stew over everyone else's problems. So I enjoy the state of blogging and sharing beauty and creativity.



I was just telling Marie about this very thing the other night. Jenny's article really resonated with me too--especially the part about people needing letters behind their names to even be considered worthy of hearing her deepest darkest thoughts! LOL I've said the same thing a gazillion times!

Happy and pretty in LA
Miz C :D heehee

Carmen Torbus

Authenticity has been on my mind a lot lately. For me it's about being true to myself and not feeling the need to compete with other bloggers and artists.

I get to decide what I share and what I don't and I agree with Jenny's article... so what if I choose to showcase the stuff that makes my heart sing.

I just have to remind myself to keep it real and continue sharing what makes me quirky, unique, ordinary and extraordinary.

Thanks for posting this. I love the food for thought.


Nelda Ream

Right on! Whatever we lift up grows in our life, so let's lift up the positive and be a source of light in a dark world.


I couldn't agree more. I believe in sharing joy -- and sometimes we find our joy through hardship and disappointment, through tragedy and sorrow.

I'm not one to blog about the bad days, the sad days...I don't talk about depressing life and I don't read blogs that share their life's minutia of pain, sorrow, hurt and shame.

For one thing I question people who need to express their "lack" in such a public forum. I don't want to read someone's personal journal or diary so why would I want to read it online?

That said, I am interested in how people take that sorrow and turn it into artistic expression (visually or with words) as the learning and the joy come through that.

Life is short...I have 2 choices..I can talk about the good in life and read about the good in life or I can do the opposite. It's a no brainer which I'll choose.

Thanks for sharing this with us Deryn.


Ah, j'adore les livres de Stampington, y'a tellement de merveilles à découvrir qui donnent envie de créer !
Tatieva from France

Ah, I love books Stampington, there's so many wonderful places to find out who want to create!
Tatieva from France

Linda Lynch

What would we do without you??? You just say it like it really is and I love that about you! Just needed to add that today.

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Deryn, you are so right, as is Jenny! We all have enough stress and negativity in our day to day lives. I decided when I first started blogging that my blog would be a relaxing, uplifting and inspiring place to visit...and in turn I love visiting blogs that I leave with a smile on my face ~ xxoo, Dawn

Terri G.

I have a post... it is saved in my drafts. In my head it is well written and it states my case or opinion. My side of why I felt hurt over a particular matter.
So why haven't I posted it. Well, I think of this thought "All things may be lawful but not all things are advantageous." So I may have the right to post my opinion...but in this case it may end up like pouring salt on a wound to this other blogger who I know in real life as well as cyber space. Some things are just better to let go of. Not to be a door mat or anything. But in the grand scheme of things how important would it be for my point to be made? I'd rather build a bridge to get over it and move on. For me my blog is about reflection, inspiration and my day to day stuff that I want to share. My authentic self... I share with my best friend who sees me at my worst and my best and he loves me just the same. I love my blog friends but they just can't do that. So let's share the best with them. As was mentioned we all have enough negativity to deal with. I for one do not want to add to it.

Lisa Crofts

well said!!


Amen Sister!!!! I couldn't agree with you more. The world is full of negativity. Focusing on all of its positiveness is God-inspired, I believe.

Great post!

Morna Crites-Moore

I received my copy of Jewelry: The Zine and I've done my first cover-to-cover. Great job! I spent the wee hours going to websites mentioned in the Zine. Now I can sit down and read more slowly, and fully, and enjoy every word and technique and bit of advice. Thank you to all of the artists in the Zine, who are so generous with their time and knowledge.

Sherry Peck

OH!!...how did I miss that book!?!?....if you get more I would like one!! When and if you get some....sherry

Sherry Peck

AMEN to that....well said....many times I will start to share the ugly that depresses me....but why depress someone else with it?....the blogging helps me see and focus on the good that there is....it is not all good, but when we see it in the right perspective, it can become something to get good out of or thru...hope that made sense...! I like the word HOPE.....and I think there is hope for all situations....actually I KNOW there is! Thanks Deryn, you got it right!

Renate Starke-Krammer

Right on, Deryn!! If people want to know about what is negative in the world, they can turn on the news. And who wants to know if the kitchen is currently not fit for viewing? Nobody! I don't think it makes the beautiful, inspiring work any less beautiful or inspiring.


Absolutely right on re: jenny's comment. We have enough negative around us. We don't need to add to it. And if dark and hidden is what a reader wants, well, they can always check out the postcard project.


Totally agree, thank you for typing it out loud.

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