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Monday, February 23, 2009


Maren Christensen

I just found your website via Pinterest. I am in love with the bottom dragonfly pendant. I noticed the date is 2009, but is there any chance I can purchase one of those from you? Please email me back at maren_christensen@yahoo.com - thank you! Beautiful work!!

Tammy Kushnir

Beautiful work!!!

melissa merrill

Hello Deryn,
I saw your class on the list and can't wait until March 15th. There are a lot of good classes at this years Portland A & S. It will be great to see you when October comes around.


LOVE the Wingkeeper! And the dragonfly pendant. I am a huge dragonfly fan. Amazing job.

Jen crossley

Stunning Deryn,what a beautiful piece

Christine Damm

Deryn, the interchangeable idea is so right! It's not just the flexibility but that it will inspire folks to go home and make more pendants! Keep it goin'! And to have fun with their jewelry, pick something different to wear everyday that makes them feel good and reflects their mood and acts as a kind of talisman for the day's intent. Excellent idea!

Renate Starke-Krammer

These pieces are delightful, beautiful!!! I love them. Too bad I am much too far away to take a class with you. I really adore the jewellery you make. Please keep it up, it is sooooo inspiring!

Stephani Gorman

This is sooooo cool! This looks like awesome class! Stephani:)

Catherine Witherell

That moth is so great! What a beautiful idea!


Mary Franzenburg

wow, WOW, WOW!!! Your work never ceases to amaze and inspire me. These winged creatures are spectacular!


Looks absolutely gorgeous Deryn - wish I could be there! I adore the moth wing one (I have always loved moths even as a little girl - use to chase my older brother with them) They look like little furry bears to me up close...I know I'm strange! lol

Kelly Snelling

good for you, deryn!!! congrats on teaching at art and soul! and the project is such a pretty piece. i'm sure everyone will love it.

Lisa gatz

Ooooh wish I could go! I don't have high hopes for getting there this year but I have definite plans for 2010.

Pattie W

Oh Gosh Deryn,

Once again you have created magic!! I love the idea of changing the focal. I did that with the domino on the Love Letters necklace. I thought maybe in the future I would find a nicer focal and want to change it. So I attached the domino and locket with a lobster claw. But your attachments are far more subtle :)

Pattie ;)

PS I think the of/on thing is at your end, cuz you were the only one who had trouble:) And about Mexico and how we got here. Since I was in jr,high and lived in Arizona I have always wanted to live here. So when I graduated from college I set a goal to retire when I was 50 and move to Mexico. So here I am, And I love it!!

Molly Alexander

Wow Deryn - I so wish I could get up there for this class, but I'm stuck here in AZ. What a beautiful necklace and focal pieces!

Have a great week!

:-) Molly

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