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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Religious Necklaces

Wow What a beautiful necklace. Really extraordinary.Love the jar and the devotion medal. The medal looks like the challice of life.


hi, nice pic. anyway, i grab your alabaster jar pic and posted it in my blog. check it out. thanks.

robin dudley-howes

This is beautiful Deryn.

Lisa Kaus

Merry Christmas- Love looking at all the great inspiration and eye-candy on your blog!
best wishes

Violet Skiles

What an absolute treasure!!! a necklace filled with so much meaning, I can't even put into words what is in my heart as I look at it and read your thoughts. Exquisite.


Deryn, the post and the necklace are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them both!
Merry Christmas!

Deb Trotter

Unbelievably exquisite!

Just when I think you can't top yourself, you DO.

The colors and the balance ... the beads you used ... everything has fallen into place as if guided by an unseen hand.



Nelda Ream

What a beautiful creation, Deryn. And thank you for sharing the beautiful story with us also.


What a gift to share on your blog. Your work has such soul. Thank you.

Glenn Bliss

Dear Deryn,

Absolutely lovely! I adore the little chalice medal. Where do you find these treasures?

Nancy Jamar

Deryn: Thank you for your beautiful post...I feel blessed to have checked in this afternoon and found it, as well as the photos of your astonishing creation.

Diane Folks

Hi! I've been enjoying your blog since last summer. This necklace is one of the most stunning pieces of jewelry I've ever seen! If I could afford it, it would be around my neck for sure! I also wanted to tell you how interesting it has been to learn the meaning behind "The 12 Days of Christmas". Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place!


Extraordinary, Deryn. This will be a treasure for a lucky woman. The meaning and your workmanship make it a beloved gift.

Denise Mares

Deryn, this piece is amazing! Every detail is symbolic and meaningful. Very special.

Wishing you peace and love during the holidays and always.

Keron Lee

SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful Deryn - and what a lovely way to pictorially tell the story of Mary with Jesus............very special - thank you for sharing. hugs x Keron


oh wow. this is so pretty Deryn! I am so drawn to the lovely irridescent colours. The story and meaning behind fascinates me. Wonderful, wonderful job here.


Yes, I agree with everyone, this is a gorgeous piece and a wonderful interpretation of Mary's story. Like all your pieces, I can tell you've put a lot of thought in to it. Thank you for sharing the precious story of Mary and Jesus. Happy Holidays Deryn!


being on a fixed income, i can't afford this necklace, but it is beautiful, and the thought is especially beautiful. i hope someone can afford it who will appreciate it's true meaning.


Absolutely stunning, Deryn! I think it is your best yet ~ you have certainly been perfecting your craft! I can just see Mary at Jesus feet with this alabaster jar.


Simply beautiful.

Did you know that since the days of the early church, bishops have worn amethyst signet rings because the word amethyst means "not drunk" as in "these religious folks are not drunk on wine, they are fillled with the Holy Spirit"?

Jen Crossley

How Stunning your work is amazing, how you put everything together just right.
Thanks for sharing so much


This piece is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the meaning of the 12 days of Christmas and also the Bibical passage that goes along with the alabaster jar. This necklace is so beautiful as well as the necklace you created. Merry Christmas!


Beautiful necklace!


Mary and the Alabaster Jar is one of my favorite stories in the bible. You did a wonderful job with your interpretation via stones, links, and metal. This piece is simple exquisite. xoxoxoxo

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