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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Kim V

Sheesh , the things I miss in a week - aren't you the busy little thing lol. It's good to see this went so well - and yes , the PETA thing I missed. I was happier with that - EUW!


that necklace is gorgeous, and that peta article disturbed me - kristen and i were discussing it. by the way-most of peta's ways bother me - they are particularly uncouth and way too radical for my liking.


A beautiful work of art and an even more beautiful thing to do. I'd like to bid $250.


Hi Deryn,

I'll bid $225! Thanks! Julie


Hi Deryn, What a Beautiful necklace. It's so wonderful in these stressful times to see people pulling together to help others. I'd like to bid $200.00.


Hey! I will bid $200.00! More Love, CP


About the PETA ice cream ingredient ... I predict a new flavor - "Nipple Ripple."

Diana Frey

Love your new banner!!!!!



Love the new banner, Deryn. Such a good idea you have here, to help those less fortunate. I bid $175


Great cause, great work...I bid $150.00. With Love, CP

Tami Roth

Cool new banner, Deryn!!!

kelly henderson

Such beautiful craftsmanship. Your so good to help. Best of luck

Jenny Doh

So cool, Deryn.


me again....$85.


deryn, i'll bid $80

Diana Frey

You have such a big heart, Deryn. Thank you for being such a beautiful example to us all about the importance of giving. I would like to bid $100.

Elizabeth Parsons

human milk in ice cream?? eeeewwwweeeeeeee!

beautiful necklace and cause...


Fabulous necklace. Fabulous cause. Fabulous Saint medal on that necklace--most appropriate! I'd like to bid $75.00.


When eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream, I can forget that they support far left issues. But "Chubby Hubby" made from human breast milk.. nah, I wouldn't be able to put that to the back of my mind.

Tami Roth

Deryn, what a wonderful and charitable idea to auction one of your beautiful necklaces! My bid: $65.00.

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