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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Miz Carla

I'm sorry for what you are having to deal with honey. My heart is sick and terribly saddened by recent events. Hold your head high Deryn, and know that you do NOT deserve ANY of this!

holding you close in my prayers (this too shall pass--remember that!)


Hi Deryn, I found your blog through Izabella and I love it! I wanted to get away from beads as I was bored with them but reading this blog post and seeing your pictures have peaked my interest again. I can use my junk with them!
Thank you!
Judy K

Terri Ventura

Your jewelry is beautiful and just a thanx for putting up the books that can help us all on our crazy jewelry designing way.
I wish that more of you guys were on the East Coast...Doesn't anyone want to come and teach in NY? anyway great work and I'm glad I found your blog.


you dont have to publish this if you dont want, but wanted to say hope you are keeping your chin up regarding the whole drama. Cheers from canada.

Linda Lynch

Deryn, Thank you for sharing your jewelry history with us. You are so generous to teach online, share ideas, and be the loving wonderful Christian woman that you are. Keep up the good work. Linda


you always have the best things advice and are a true "original " , your heart and soul shows in your work !!! keep doing what you are doing !!! and never lose faith in yourself !!!

Catherine Witherell

I am crazy about your work too Deryn. You are a wonderful model of someone who is always working on something. I can't exactly keep up with you and I know that doesn't matter to you. You are just the nicest lady to be friends with.

I learn things by looking at your jewelry and I am so glad I got to meet you in person and will be spending time with you again soon. Everyone's life is made up of all the people who helped to shape them, but the talent and strength to keep on doing what you are good at comes from YOU!

YOU are awesome!

Diana Frey

Beautiful pieces Deryn and such great information. Thank you for sharing! I love your style!!


amber dawn

What a great post Deryn!
I love your pieces within this post too.

Amber Dawn

Tami Roth

I love your blog, Deryn, and wish I could have taken part in your recent jewelry making challenges but really need to work on the basics first. You are such an inspiration and wonderful person and it comes through so clearly here, as all who visit here will agree I'm sure! Thank you so much for sharing and helping us newbies out :) I also would LOVE to take a class from you-I want you to be my mentor!

cheesehead with sticks

Oh yeah - more links to learn and be inspired from! Thanks for sharing!

Lynda Stone

Hi Deryn,
What a delight to see "my" earrings on your post, LOL...
I purchased this set from you last month when you had your trunk show at the Paper Studio in Tempe... in fact,
I'm wearing them right now!

ruth rae

we must share what we know or it can become lost, we must carry on the traditions of the past and in that they create new tomorrows. knowledge is a gift that must be shared.

I have been blessed with the most amazing teachers in my life, ones filled with love for their craft~

Sad are the educators that have a chip on there shoulders, who do not understand that the knowledge that they share are the seeds of tomorrow.

inspiration and knowledge is all around us, but its what we do with these gifts that matter the most. The courage to create and share is the most daring step that we must take.


I'm another one, like judy, who doesn't have an interest in jewelrymaking but love to see what you've done. Those beautiful earrings in the first photo with the citron beads, love them! i was enjoying and wearing the lovely pair with the citron beads that i bought from you recently, and when i went to take them off that night, one was gone :-(....i hate that! so i'm on the lookout for another pair with beautiful citron colors...

Diane Cook

D~I would luv to make jewelry with Richard, and yes, Susan again. Luv the bracelet you made in her class!


Hey, I like that idea - video classes! Like the kind Sharilyn Miller offers. That way you can reach all of us who are far away. Thank you for the resources and great post.


Deryn, I appreciate what you are trying to say with your posting. Your comments are gracious and professional, to say the least. I've learned something from your posting that has nothing to do with jewelry making. Thanks.

Judy Wise

Sorry Deryn but I don't want to make jewelry at all. However, every time I come here I see another pair of earrings or necklace that I really want to buy from you. Your work is always beautifully designed and crafted. As in yum.

Maija Lepore

You are so very kind to share your background! I admire the confidence you have- so many artists are so unwilling to share, or want to take credit for others work. You have learned many wonderful tricks from those teachers, and made it very much your own- a real "Deryn Mentock".

Jen Gabaldon

Beautiful jewelry as usual Deryn! You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing what you have learned along the way :)

Sharon @ norah'S

What a wonderful post. I enjoyed all the pics and recomendations. I'm such a huge fan of your jewelry and seeing all that you so graciously share. I've been enjoying your summer challenge too and whatching some who took your challenge. It looks like you have learned from some very impressive people....especially your Mom. That wire wrapping thing just reminds me of my Daddy and him twisting a knot in the wire around the bales of hay back in the 50's. Maybe it didn't look exactly like that but, nevertheless, that's what comes to mind everytime I see it. I learned a lot from him too and most of all, he thought I could do anything. And so I try.
Thanks my friend.

Cindy Dean

You were a wonderful teacher. I too took Richard Salley's class and he was great. Keep the faith!


Someday I would like to add jewelry making to my list of hobbies. I recently took an online class for painting and loved it. You can watch it over and over and pause it. And it is so much better to see it all in action than in a book. When I see artists like you I think to myself "Oh, I wish she had an online video class." Just a thought.

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