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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Red Dog Scott

I just found your site. Wow! I'm particularly moved by the pieces infused with your spiritual essence. As much as I enjoy a Thomas Kinkade painting, it's so nice to see belief shown in more unique ways. Thanks for the uplift. ;)

maryam in marrakech

oh your #2 piece is just so fantastic!!!


okay, just ordered the book. i was gonna order it in a few weeks, but this post has pushed me Right. Over. The. Edge!

Melissa Merrill

The projects just keep getting more intriguing. I worked on project 8 and have it on my list to make couple more variations of this bracelet.

Terri Ventura

I am absolutly blown away by the fabulousness of this necklace. When are you coming out east? lol

Judy Wilkenfeld

Yet another UNIQUE peice by you - it's so nice to see these very different works of art by you.

Lee W

All this is so gorgeous. I have been starting to collect things to make jewelry. It may be time for me to invest in the book! BTW- I've been buying lots of stencils in all sizes, just received a bunch in the size on your necklace- woo hoo, can't wait to play!

Melissa Merrill

My project 7 is a mix of techniques. Wow, it's so great to have my photo of my Mixed Metal earrings on your blog. Thanks


Your new jewelry is beautiful, and I love the way you diverge from the projects! Great post. Roxanne


Hi Deryn,
I saw your inspiring article in Artful Blogging, and this spot here is hopping! :) Your jewelry is really different and beautiful.



What a fabulous piece you have created... very unique use of the stencil piece! Lovely... Deb



I love your interpretaion of project 6! I can only imagine how cool a stash of antique metals you have! Lucky for us, you use them and don't hoard them for use some day in the future! I am smiling as I think of all the people you have touched this summer with this challenge. For your giving and unselfish nature, I too, have awarded you with the Brilliant Premio award on my blog! Thank you for all the inspiration!


Deryn, I'm being vsited by all kinds of new jewelry artists as of late, and everytime I visit their sites I get to see all of their creations for your challenge!! WOW...some FABULOUS works going on out there in internet land! You've really inspired folks!!


Mary Beth

I love this pendant, just exquisite. the "window" is wonderful, mysterious yet beautiful, what a perfect image.

nancy donaldson

Hey Deryn, just want to say the I love you blog and you are a true inspiration. I've awarded you the brilliant premio award on my blog. Thanks for keeping me inspired, Nancy

Molly Alexander

Deryn -

This piece is just beautiful - I love all the textures you used. Every piece you create absolutely has your very own identifiable "Deryn-ness" about it. I do have a guess on the mystery element: antiqued lace? It looks like some my grandmother gave to me a long time ago...

I've finished Project #9: Dimensional Necklace. I ended up with 2 versions - actually I went through about 5 versions, but these are the ones I like the best.

Have a great day!



Your two sided necklace is wonderful! So many unique and exquisite details. Just wow!

karen Cole

Gorgeous, Deryn. So many elements looking great together.

Heather Thorp

Great piece! as always! - Angie has used both my guesses for the link fabric, so I'm stuck. Thanks for mentioning me today - I feel very honoured!


wonderful piece-love the stencil with picture :)


Hi Deryn, At first glance I thought of sponge which I love but then I thought antique lace that has yellowed. Nice color and texture for sure. I so admire your wire wrapping skill and how I would love to be able to watch you do it. I appreciated your information (weeks ago)on how you got started. I will be purchasing one or more of the books you mentioned. Thanks, Deryn.


Hi Deryn, just love it... the inner of the link looks like dyed lace...


Your project #6 turned out amazing and so incredibly unique! It has so many details to it...how did you dream them all up? Your mystery piece looks a little like a doily, something crocheted or lace. And I love the photo showing the entire necklace laying on the hand - the hand is a mystery in itself too. What a great photo layout.


I love the wrapped pod pieces and the brass stencil one is fabulous too.


This is sooooooo beautiful!! I am stunned by how fabulous your window 2 is. The stencil plate 2 that you used is just too perfect. As well, the pea pod beads are gorgeous. How wonderful to see all these sensational projects!!! Thansk for sharing. Can't wait to see number 7

Linda Lynch

This is a great necklace! I have some of those stencils and would have never thought of something like this. Great inspiration. Thanks for all you do for the blogging community.


I have been a lurker for a couple of weeks, I decided to come out of the shadows and thank you for a wonderful blog. I was so inspired by the things you have been making I ordered Mary Hettmansperger's book, and plan on doing the challenge myself, although summer is half over, I think I still have time. Keep up the eye candy, it is such an inspiration.
sue penrod


wow, this is simply lovely! i love the wrapped beads and the textures. very striking!


O my goodness this is beautiful, I was going to say the same as above as to what the gold stuff is. Can't wait to try project 6.

Jen Crossley

Oh Deryn this piece is STUNNING your an inspiration

Carolyn Mallin

I love it. I like how you wrap fiber. It's a very unique idea. Just wanted to let you know that I've given you an award today. Go to my blog to see what it is :)

Carolyn Mallin

Diane cook

The texture looks like a piece of vintage or tea-dyed lace or trim. I love the added texture there!
I really like the central pendant, and looks like a stack of yellow jade. I love to use yellow jade, it just makes the necklace "pop".

Molly Alexander

This is beautiful! I love your interpretation of this project - :-)

Lynn Davis

I haven't been able to get the book yet for myself, but apparently I'm channeling the projects somehow. You are a strong inspiration, the creativity is flowing. Here's a link to some cold connection boxes I made a week ago. It's in the air! and they are mixed metal. Who knew? http://z-llyynn.blogspot.com/2008/07/boxes-of-hearts-and-wings.html

Angie Platten

I love seeing what you are doing for this challenge. Love the pieces. The gold stuff you wrapped looks like either:
a) cheesecloth
b) a piece of loofah
c) piece of vintage lace
d) a piece of crocheted doilie

I also love the token clasp!

Diana Frey

Deryn...I love this piece and your use of the old stencil with one of your wonderful cemetary photos. I so enjoy your use of texture!!

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