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Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Deryn, I just got Mary's book and was drawn to project 16...So I jumped in with both feet! It's pictured on my blog, and I must be patient until you get to that project so that I may join the fun with you all. Or I could just do an earlier project! LOL!
Your challenge pictures and notes have added to this summer's fun. Thank you~~~


Ooooh, he's brilliant! and i imagine he has an interesting little story that goes with him. thanx for the late night inspiration Deryn!

deb trotter

Oh, another wonderful pod piece - only this one is very different from the first - and I love it, too! I like the juxtaposition of the velvet with the wire & beads - quite funky & fantastic. Another great challenge from the fabulous Deryn.


kelly snelling

oh i think this is very grand! what's he in? velvet...yes, i see it is velvet. the color is so rich and beautiful with the white bisque and brass. lovely! clap! clap! i have earrings in my head tonight and a very layered necklace to finish before i can play. not to mention the other priority stuff. you, you, you are tempting me too much to play instead!!


Deryn this is just beautiful, very regal he is. I am glad I joined this challenge group and can't wait to do more projects.And a big thank you again for all your help in getting me started, I have learnt so much in just the last two days. look forward to seeing more of everyones great work and doing more projects too.


This is a wonderful and creative piece. I feel great enjoyment and intrigue every time I take a peak at your creations. I love your style and unique expressions!

Molly Alexander

This piece turned out beautifully. Even with everything that went into it, the piece has such a simple "quietness" about it - very serene. This version is so different from any of the others so far. I am certainly learning to think out of the box with this challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

:-) Molly


Your pod prince is just magical! He reminds me of a character from a folk or fairy tale. I find your interpretation to be particularly interesting because so many of these doll babies were burried deep into the earth for future generations to discover, enjoy and love. xoxoxoxo

Denise Mares

I cannot believe how beautiful this piece is. I am in awe!


This is in response to Kelly's post "How come no one worries about everyone using pointy hats and fairy wings on so many creations?"

I had to chuckle because this has been an ongoing debate topic for a while now. So much so that I think I remember reading in Somerset Studio that they were thinking about not showcasing any projects that included party hats and wings. So silly.

And as far as the bisque dolls go, I've always seen them used in art as far back as I can remember, be it jewelry or altered art. Maybe not these same dolls that have been circulating over the last few years but similar ones for sure.

I love your work, Deryn. It's so rich.

Melissa Merrill

With this type of inspiration I may come back and do more with project 5. But for now I have completed project 6, the mixed metal earrings.

Melissa Merrill

Oh what a fantastic piece. the little bisque baby prince wrapped securely in velvet. I too have been keeping my eyes out for those babies and have not had any luck.


Gorgeous piece! I love how you use the dolls. I dont think it matters who used them first (although, yes, people have used them a LONG time ago), it is the beauty in how they are being used now. How come no one worries about everyone using pointy hats and fairy wings on so many creations?

God gave you a talent and you seem to be using it fully!

Cindy Dean

Oh this is sooooo cute! I guess I have to get busy if I want to win something.

Diane Cook

I love the use of the velvet Deryn. This one is absolutely sensious. And, winning it would be the best! =)

Tami Roth

What a precious baby king in his velvet bed!!! Awesome as always, Deryn!!

Deryn Mentock

In answer to Diane Ting's comment...actually, no. I've seen photos of folks using them in their jewelry work on etsy and ebay as far back as 2 years ago. I'm sure they were even used before that! Maybe that's where the idea came from originally. Who knows? One of my challenge participants had the same idea independently, as you can see from the comments here. It's amazing how ideas are conceived at the same time! It's like my nest charm...I designed it alone in my studio about three years ago or more. The first one I saw published was mine, although I discovered people had been making them before me (of course!). After that, I started seeing them everywhere. In any case, I'm happy to share and see people use elements of my work (not my actual designs) in their work. After all, my creativity didn't spring up on it's own but came from my Creator. Thanks for your comment!

patty van dorin

so how adorable is this. I just love your pod baby resting gently in her velvet cocoon.

Diane Ting

I am not a jewelry maker but I am interested in looking at jewelry. As far as I know, I think Nina Bagley is the first artist who uses the German dolls in her jewelry?

Heather Thorp

I can't believe I got the same idea yesterday - it reminds me of the work of the wife of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but I haven't painted a face yet. So here is my second pod - http://illyria.jedimoose.org.uk/2008/07/24/pod-2/
Next I really am getting out my saw...

Jen Crossley

Oh My Deryn you have really outdone yourself with this piece

Carolyn Mallin

Deryn, Your "little prince" is so precious.I love the crown that you gave him. He does look royal.I check out our antique shops in town at least once a week and,so far ,have not been lucky enough to find anything even resembling those lovely bisque babies. Just have to keep hunting.



How lovely! I finally got the book~~~I want to do at least one project! I get to be part of the gang and have fun~~~wooo hooo~
This is lovely with the velvet. Very precious like an antique treasure hidden by an old-time girl. Lovely.

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