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Monday, July 21, 2008



Cngrats on your new book! Dreams can come true! I am also a jewelry artist that loves to bless others with my Designs. It is inspiring to read your story and seeing how far you have come. Praise God!!! Keep up the good work :D
My web site is http://www.blondiesdesigns.blogspot.com

Kim Veldt

Oh alright , you sold me - I'm buying Wrap Stithc (?) Stitch Fold , the Charming Exchange , and Step by Step Jewelry. I'm nothing if not suggestible , lol. I liked your original pod necklace quite a bit , but your little Pod Prince is even better Deryn - way too sweet!
I've got to get off the puter - I've been clicking around your links for at least an hour lol. Serves me right for not keeping up , I guess. . .
I do love your blog though - inspiring , sharing , creating - it's a treasure and I thank you. You don't need a lesson on nuthin far as I'm concerned.
Wish I could type this morning lol.

amber dawn

My copy arrived and I LOVE IT!
So cool!!!
Your work is fun to read about Deryn!

Amber Dawn

Keron Lee

As always, your posts inspire my faith - thankyou dear heart

Leslie M.

Congratulations Deryn. It looks beautiful. I just put in my order.

Catherine Witherell

I love the way you tell it! What I like most about the book is the friendships I gained while doing it. I feel rich, rich, rich! I got my copy last night and I guess I'll have to review it too. You will be tough to follow. Good job on this review!

xo Cath

Molly Alexander

How awesome is this? What an amazing book with unbelievable pieces! I love your contributions and commentary, and I can't wait to buy the book! Thanks so much for sharing!

- Molly

Cindy In Carolina

I can't wait to get my copy. I preordered back in April and it shows shipping today....yipeeeee.

Melissa Merrill

Love your sneak peaks at the book. Such great work by everyone. One more to add to my growing collection.
Thanks for sharing.


Your blog is lovely. The coin purse is adorable

Deryn Mentock

Of course, you're right Maija! Our collaborative pieces were fabulous so I revised my post to include them. Thanks!

amber dawn

OOOH wow!

Deryn, I LOVE the review you gave!
You shared great projects and lots more beautiful and AWESOME jewelry from the book!
So cool!
You made my day!
Amber Dawn

June Parrish Cookson

Congratulations Deryn!

Looks like a great book featuring some very lovely jewelry. So many talented people!!


The are all so beautiful.
I also think that Catherine is an amazingly talented person...
YOu all are.

Maija Lepore

I'm bummed you didn't mention our collaborative pieces! I thought they were fabulous!


All I can say is "WOW"!

deb trotter

Yee Ha! Fantastic!

I am loving the jewelry projects in the book, and I particularly love the Shepherd's necklace. You outdid yourself on that one.

Kudos to all the fine artists and the publisher.


Sharon @ Norah'S

Dang! I don't even want to make jewelry. But I think I will just have to have this book. The Shepherd’s Amulet Bag is breathtaking.


What an amazing collection of jewelry pieces!!! I love them all, so I will have to check out that book. Such creativity and beauty!!! Congratulations.


WOW! This book looks incredible! Can't wait to see it. Thanks for the heads up!

Diane Cook

Oh, Deryn, these pieces are just fabulous. And, as always, you (& friends) are so inspiring. I will have to have this book for sure, and would so love to be a part of an exchange that looks like so much fun~I realize now how these projects just pull out more that is in me. And, for this I am grateful to you.
I have been "dreaming up" my next project in Mary's book, now since my sale is over. Can't wait to get started....
And, btw, I have a coin purse like the one you used. It was my grandfather's. My mother gave it to me, and it is now in a beautiful shadow box in my guest bedroom. Your necklace is wonderful, and the Good Shepherd must be pleased~

Tanya Peacock

The Good Shepard is absolutely stunning! I am sure He is so proud of His Lamb!


This looks absolutely stunning. I absolutely adore all the gorgeous, gorgeous projects i am seeing there in your preview. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I have been working through Stephanie Lee's Semi Precious Salvage... but i think that i may need to pick this one up next!

kelly snelling

clap! clap! clap! i was thrilled when you called me yesterday afternoon. your excitement was palpable and it made me so very happy. ruth and i so wanted everyone to have something included in the book and to be proud of the finished pieces. it just feels wonderful to know that you are please. and, by the way, pip and i had to call tom Again on the way home. we were so lost. hee.

Carolyn Mallin

I need to get this book. Barnes and Noble here I come again. Books are one of my big weaknesses---my husband's too~~~thank goodness at least that way he understand's why we spend more on the written word than food. Well,O.K. we spend a lot on food too. Anyhow, I think the jewelry you tempted us with is great.



I enjoyed the pictures...this new book truly looks inspiring. I also enjoyed visiting the websites/blogs of the artists featured in the book.


Deryn, I'm so excited! I ordered "A Charming Exchange" a couple weeks ago and it should ship soon. I'm really excited about seeing your, and everyone else's, work in it. Congrats!!!

Linda Van Valkenburgh-Mills

Beth Bricker

I absolutely cannot wait to get this book. I will be stalking Barnes and Noble til it comes in. It just looks fantastic and all of the jewelry is wonderful. Thank-you for the sneak peak.

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