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Wednesday, July 09, 2008




Here is my entry for project number 5. I feel like I have taken forever to get it posted to you!

Melissa M

Love your twist on this project. You do such great work. I need to organize my supplies more, I think I have some left over copper mesh that I could use with several of these projects. I finished up the Pod necklace project, though I'm not sure if it is project 5 or 6. Thank you for having this great summer jewelry challenge. It is keeping me in the creating mode.

Heather Thorp

Hey I finally did a project - so much fun! Here is my link! http://illyria.jedimoose.org.uk/2008/07/20/summer-jewellery-challenge-project-6/


What a beautiful necklace. I just love everything you used to put it together. Great pictures too.


Hi Deryn,
I just wanted to drop in and tell you what an inspiration you are.I love your stuff.


Love your work.


Hi Deryn,
I love your work.I wish i would have made myself have time to join in on the summer prodject fun.Everyone who has joined you has done so well.
Thanks for being sich an inspiration.

Leslie M.

This is so beautiful, Deryn! I love it!


Sheer Genius! Really, so Beautiful and Unique!
Sandra Evertson


Your jewelry is really amazing and unique. Great blog!

Mary Franzenburg

Deryn: I am a mixed media collage artist who has recently begun wore wrapping and beading jewelry. I cannot put into words how much your work has inspired me! You are amazing and I just love your work!!!

Christine Baier

Wonderful! I love your jewelry artwork. All pieces!


I am constantly amazed by your ability to take the most mundane elements and make them into something awe inspiring. This is a delightful pea in the pod. :D


Hey, I've admired your work for really long. But I'm a bit disappointed now...it looks like you aren't making new things.
I've liked your work and it has made me visit your blog regularly.
Hope to see some new and raw work soon, I think your strength lies in that.


Deb mentioned you were wearing this gorgeous necklace when she met up with you and I said "Oh the one like a paepod with pearls in it?" and I was right. It's very beautiful-the pearls feel like secrets hidden away in the pod and I love the juxtoposition between the textures- the seemingly roughness of the pod and the smoothness of the pearls. At first I thought the pd was made from some sort of mesh and then realized it was fabric. It made me look twice!

Molly Alexander

Deryn -

I was able to "sneak" in Project #8: "Silver Watch Bracelet" in the middle of working on my mosaic piece. I just love going through this book - thanks again!

kelly snelling

i remember seeing this project in the book and thinking it was especially yumm-o. and i really like your spin on it. the fabric and mesh is a great idea which you have beautifully executed. i'm still unpacking but am looking forward to giving this one a go.


What a fun challenge! I wish I had time to play...maybe another time.... Bring some of our pieces with you to CA. I would love to see them in "person" - you know there is nothing like the REAL thing! :0)

Cindy In Carolina

Oooooo. I love that pod form too!


This is absolutely fabulous. I love the fabric with the wire mesh, love the pod, really love the pod and am inspired - I will have to try something similar. I love too how you use the different colours of metals such as your brass and wire together. Great challenges.


You are so amazing!


wonderful work on this :). I love how you used the fabric with the wire mesh... what an original idea! Great stuff:)


I love this pod design! This makes me want to run out and get the book. I have never worked with mesh before and this challenge makes me want to try. Where would I find the kind of mesh you used in this project?

Kim Veldt

Get OUT! Spun cotton pearls? I would never have guessed , that is so interesting lol. This is such an great piece - I've been surfing around taking a look at how various components can be put together and I love the tactile feeling of the material and mesh together - way cool!


Oh sweetie, this is wonderful!! My fav so far from the "challenge" pieces. I really like how you put your own spin on it and used the mesh
P.S. Thanks sooo much for the helpful tips you gave Stacie (and me) on the steel wire



I really like the materials you brought together in this project! I'm thinking the pod design may be just as addicting as the shelf project was! I can tell we are all having such a fun time with this challenge. Have you let Mary know what we are doing with her book? I think she would be honored to know. What a great way of going green you have developed with the recycled guitar wire!

Carolyn Mallin

You are brilliant, Deryn. Using fabric and copper mesh looks great.Love the addition of the cotton pearls in the
necklace. Can't wait for more.


cheesehead with sticks

I love the way you set it on the necklace, nice and simple like.

I got my book from the library (I really didn't think it would be so quick!) and hope to join in next week. I just dug out my scrap sterling yesterday for the occasion.

Molly Alexander

Deryn -

This piece is absolutely breathtaking! I am learning so much from you and your pieces - you are an amazingly gifted artist! Again, thanks so much for issuing this challenge!

- Molly

Cindy Dean

Beautiful piece as always!

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