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Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Project #1 Thanks Deryn!


Here are my finished Project #1 and #7


So happy your still inviting participants. I bought the book and have been following it since you started. I've posted my efforts to my infant blog.


I just happened upon your blog. Your work is wonderful. I just ordered the Mary Hettmansperger book and now am even more excited to see it.
I've got to catch up!

Joanne Huffman

Deryn, I have been playing with jewelery from the book at the suggestion of Connie Williams and have posted my efforts on my blog http://joannethiemehuffman.typepad.com/ad_libitum/2008/11/more-necklaces.html which I invite you to check out.

Joanne, who will be meeting you in June in Alabama


haha! i am officially listing my 1st project Deryn - but you've already visited my blog and seen it! thank you for your kind comments on my pendant.


I finally did the first project. Thanks to you, Deryn, I have pictures posted. Thank you.


Enjoyed it - hope to do another before it's all over. Thanks.

Mary Newton

Project #1

Hope I got it on here this time.

Mary Newton

Here's my first project


Mary Newton

Here, we go! Finally, my first project! I've got a few more done and will post them soon. This is fun, but the photos and blogging is challenging for me!


I just love this one, I especially like the use of the tintype as I use these a lot as well. I love the mica you have used, its fabulous Deryn. http://theshabbychateau.blogspot.com/2008/07/stacked-spinner-necklace-project-1.html

Carolyn Mallin

I jumped ahead a little to #8. I don't know why I do things out of order but I'm having a blast doing it.



Carolyn Mallin


I completed project #1!!!! What great fun this is.Thanks Deryn.



Lennie Poitras

Deryn, thanks for doing this, it's so much fun to see all the variation between artists. I can hardly wait to see them all. Lennie

Melissa M

I have finished up with my other swaps and tasks so i am able to play and participate in your summer jewelry challenge. So I have finished up my first project. I plan on having fun this summer with all of these projects. Thanks for having this.

Molly Alexander

I finished project #1, and what a fun project to start out with!


Thanks for the challenge! Now, on to project #2...



I just finished project number one, also. It is posted on my blog site at http://littleartroomintheback.blogspot.com/2008/06/little-something-shiny.html Now on to number 2, although I am loving the third project!


What a great idea. I like how you've given yourself more time. I have a stack of books that I want to go through like that. You've inspired me to at least try and get as far as I can.

Diane Cook

I just completed Project 1:
It was alot of fun. I will proceed to the next project tomorrow. (God willing....)
Hope you are having a big time in Arizona.
diane =)

cheesehead with sticks

Yeah - I just found out my library system has ordered this book and I placed a hold for it when it comes in. I'm so excited. I'll let you know when I've done my project.

Beth Bricker

I did the project 1!


I am so playing! I need something to keep me creating this summer and I am looking forward to all of the new techniques in Mary's book. I love the necklace you created it's just wonderful.


I like this design. I especially like that you gave a side view. That really makes the piece in my opinion, that they can all swing freely. How clever.


Lovely piece, Deryn! I like the idea of a low key, no pressure challenge. I've got Mary's book on woven jewelry so this would be a nice addition. I'm going to pick it up and hopefully will post a project or two!

Looking forward to see the projects you make.

Mary Newton

I want to play! Unfortunately, no one has this book yet. I had to order it. I'll try to catch up once I have it!

Lynn Davis

I am so glad I found this challenge and it's only two days late and not too far behind times for once. Now to find the book. Sometimes a challenge or a deadline is just what's needed to spark new creative ideas, thanks for this.
Lynn Davis - LLYYNN


I just don't have time to play, but I'll be looking forward to stopping by and checking out YOUR progress!!!


Diane Cook

I'm gonna see what I can do, as I have been working on some pieces (and posting them) for my upcoming show in July. Be sure and scroll down some...
Your piece is great, and I love the side-view pic Deryn!
Thanks ~ and God Bless!



I just ordered this book on Sunday, awaiting it with baited breath! I loved Mary's other book and can't wait to see what's in this one! Count me in for your challenge!

Tami Roth


This sounds like a lot of fun, but don't know how good I'll be at it! You are a true inspiration though and a sweetie pie too :)


Heather Thorp

I'll have a go too, but I'll be on a budget - my stash doesn't really need to get any bigger! Fabulous piece you made!

Jen Crossley

How stunning this is


I'm in.

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