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Monday, May 05, 2008



just in case you aren't aware, Dick Blick carries dark annealed steel wire ... I just purchased some last week.


I use the dark annealed wire for my work. I use sanding pads. Wet/dry. I do not wax my work. I wait for the texture of rust to set in. Thank you for sharing. I also use stainless steel wire for my work.


Has anyone found the answer about the black wareing off, or cleaning the wire..etc?

bill s

it's called tie wire and you use it for bundling, to tie rebar together. Menards, Home Depot has it.

caroline russell

hello, thank you for your generous post of sharing your information. i too am looking for a supplier in the uk for dark annealed wire but the links don't seem to be working. any help would be beyond appreciated!!!!


Hi Deryn,

The overall question about the dark annealed wire is how to get the black off. What I've gathered from reading all of the comments is that the black rubs off as you use it.

Will you please confirm this comment or add your own suggestions concerning the question about the black on the wire.

A New observer and admirer of your work.


HI Deryn,

just come across your amazing work, but cannot get the UK supplier to show, or Heather Thorp link to wor - Can you help? thanks


wow - i've been using the annealed wire since i started wire wrapping - (i LOVE my local Ace Hardware - they even offered to put pictures of my jewelry up in the wire/nuts&bolts area to show the jewelry applications for those things!)- but I must ask, do you use steel wool to brighten the wire up a bit? do you buff it or grind it somehow?


Someone already asked this, but I don't see the answer. Sorry to ask again, but do you buff the black off the wire before using it? If so, with what? Sandpaper? Thanks Deryn for being so generous to share this!

Kathy Johnson

So, do you coat it with anything? Is it O.K. to use your regular jewelry wire cutters with it, or should I raid my husbands tool box?


Thank you for sharing your secret tip. I had never heard of the wire before but once I read your post, I developed a desperate need to purchase this wire. Now, I'll have to decided what to do with it. LOL!


Hi Deryn. Wanted to let you know I found that 22 gauge annealed wire that I was looking for. You can find it at Polsteins Home & Beyond at http://www.homeandbeyond.com/prod-0010151.html


I use this wire a lot, especially for making whimsical scrolled handles for my cones. This summer I had a scare too ~ after getting a rather large order, I couldn't find it at my local hardware stores and finally found an online source. I never thought of using it for my jewelry! Thank you for the suggestion!


This is the wire I use and recommend, too! It works even better when it's annealed, especially for the larger gauges. No need for a fancy torch here. I just use the flame on my gas stove or grill.

christine alane

i just wanted to say thanks for the info on where to get the wire! my husband had bought a ton of if when a small local hardware business closed a few years ago. i really had not used any for jewelry making because i did not know how to keep the black gunk from rubbing off.....until i saw your beautiful pieces and read the article in the belle armoire jewelry book.

thanks again!


Thank you for sharing Deryn. I used to wonder how you make your wire dark. I found the exact same wire when I was in Kuala Lumpur yesterday and I grabbed the remaining stock in the hardware store. Can't wait till weekend to try them out.
Once again, thank you for sharing :)

Diane Cook

Tried it, and was fun using it. Waiting for more gauges right now, so used what my local hardware store carried in-house. I posted my latest necklace this evening.
Hope you had a blessed weekend....and thanks again Deryn~

debra cooper

Hey, girl! I use that, too, but do you buff it or something because yours looks so rich? I thought for sure you spent hours oxidizing it! I always wanted to know but never would ask ;-) Thanks for sharing. You've been doing some beautiful new work!! xo,debra


Never thought of using blackened steel wire...

Deryn, I had someone contact me this week asking if the steel wire rusts. I told them "you must have me confused with Deryn Mentock." ???!!! What a complement!!!! I'm on cloud nine!


Linda Van Valkenburgh-Mills

Luann Udell

Deryn, thanks not only for the tip, but for providing the source! You've saved me many hours of internet surfing, where I get distracted following new leads and forget what I was looking for in the first place!


Diane Cook

D, Have been gone for awhile, but have been working fevershly. Susan told us about the rebar wrap wire, but I haven't checked my local Ace yet. Asked by Jennifer, do you treat it in any way after your make your piece?
Thanks for the tips, and love, love your new pieces. Come visit~

Jennifer Blevins

I love the look of your wire. Question: After you use the dark steel to wrap your piece, do you use a soft cloth to buff it so the silver will show? Do you also solder it, or just wrap tightly and tuck in the ends? Thanks. Jennifer


Thank you Deryn! So nice of you to share info like this!

Carolyn Mallin

Thanks for sharing your wire secret. What a wonderfully generous person you are.I picked some up at Ace Hardware yesterday but they only had the 19 GA. I'm going to play with it today and see if my local store might order some smaller gauges for me. Thanks Deryn.

Carolyn M


Aha! I thought I was the only one that was a regular wire purchaser in my local Ace hardware store. They carry all sorts of gauges of copper too... as small as 26 ga.!


Jen Crossley

Thanks for sharing Deryn
Your so sweet


It is wonderful the info you share above. You're a generous girl. I
like your blog. Such a pretty and unique color pallet you have chosen.
Thanks for visiting Rochambeau Deryn,


How kind of you to share a source and important tips~~Bless you. :-)

Judy Wilkenfeld

Just got my massive box full of it - they have stopped bringing it here in the higher gauges - so i bought out every ACE hardware along my travels. I love it!

Melissa Meman

Thanks Deryn! That was very cool to divulge your source. I have been thinking of trying steel wire, especially now that sterling is so dear. I'm going to look for some!


Very Tricky


*laughs* Just over the weekend I asked my husband to give me a left over roll. (I don't need a full one, but would happily take a few yards left on an almost used up roll.) Yes, I have an unlimited source-he's an ironworker. Now if only he would REMEMBER that I asked for it...


I use the same wire! Yeah!!!! Gotta love Ace Hardware...it's the only place I can find it. Also, dick blick carries a larger gage.

Amy Huff

You are wonderful and fabulous for divulging your sources and wire secrets! I think good art karma is on it's way. :)


Thank you for sharing that tip!

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