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Wednesday, March 26, 2008



that turned out great! Love the cherub. I have wanted a cherub stamp but haven't found one I like... maybe I'll do my own! I like how yours turned out... lots of detail. The mouth is great, too. Mouths are hard to do well I think, yours rocks!
Keep going, can't wait to see what else you come up with.


What an inspiration! I am loving all of these pages! You should keep at it, you are on a roll!


How fun is that page with the cherub and lips together!?! Love it....and the little journals are incredible. Beautiful.


Deryn, love the stamps! The flaming heart is wicked!


WOW those lips and cherub are so artistic looking!!! But I really love that flaming heart... to die for!

Elizabeth Woodford

i am a huge fan of all of your art and I especially love this cherub stamp! You do wonderful work!!


Your stamps are awesome! The flaming heart kind of reminds me of the style of art in the House of Blues restaurants.

I'm definitely going to have to look up how to knit beads. I loved how you incorporated the beads into your journal spine. I think I'm going to have to explore the rest of your blog to see more of your art journals. Thank you for sharing!!


Wow, wow, wow!!! I am so impressed by all of them. Thanks for sharing


Fantastic work and fantastic stamps you made...



i can´t believe how well you managed to carve that cherub! i surely wouldn´t have taken the challenge of that image! and the flaming heart is great, too.
well, you remind me that these fabric beads are on my to-do-list also...

Kim Tedrow

I love how the cherub stamp turned out, reminds me a little of those gesture drawings we did in school -- a lot of life in that one. -Kim

Lee W.

wow- love all of it!!


Oh my, the cherub stamp is amazing!

Chris Peden

Your carvings are incredible, as is the little journal you have for them! Love your deco page and would love to steal your journal with the flaming heart cover. Awesome art!
chris p

Chris Peden

Your carvings are incredible-love them and your carving journal. Beautiful deco page, and would love to steal your journal with the flaming heart!
chris p


Great carved stamps, new and old! And your so-called "scrap paper" is wonderful! :)


Your stamps are great. My dh made me some last year. I have never attempted to make my own. I'm sure it would be a good laugh though. :-)


Deryn, your carved stamps are wonderful! I'm inspired to try this myself and join the Street Team! :)


These are all great but I'm especially fond of the lips. I never thought of doing part of a face. So cool! Thanks for the inspiration. Something new to try when I've gotten all the birds out of my system.

Ursula C

These carvings are great. I love the scrap paper, it's a work of art in itself!
Thanks for your comment on my blog.


Love the deco cover~~~ and the shots of the cool beads. Thanks for keeping the creative eye happy :-)

Lisa MB


I'm falling in love with all sorts of flaming-heart incarnations. Yours would make an excellent tattoo, which I'm sure you're planning to get on your shoulder, right? ;o)

About the cover of the deco: is that Anaglypta wallpaper painted with bronze paint and patina'd? Awesome.

michelle ward

I LOVE THAT HEART!!! Whew, these are all terrific. That cherub was certainly a challenge but you pulled it off. These all look so great being used in your work, and I'm loving that test page too! Thanks for playing Deryn.

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Fabulous stamps! Really amazing. And I can see why you'd get distracted by those beads, they're fantastic!



Deryn, your carved stamps are great. The one for the journal cover is particularly awesome!

Jo Wholohan

Deryn ...... where do i start??? all so amazing!!! Love the deco cover with the beads, beautiful colours and those beads go with it perfectly!!! Your stamps are fantastic, so many ideas are possible :))

xx JO


I love that flaming heart stamp! I've seen the top image before, but not the one below it. It looks great on both pages and so different.

audrey h.

Deryn...i love all your stamps, especially the cherub one. That one is awesome. The flaming heart is very cool :)

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