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Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Love the tutorial......

Do you have any other ear wire tutorials? Would really like to learn your other styles as well. You make it sound so easy!


Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com/ in future post.



Thank you for this tutorial!! Your earrings are various and beautifuls..
I am impatient to try!
Could yo tell me what type of sterling 20gauge wire do yo use to do it? Soft dead or 1/2 hard?
Thanks for this précision.

jenn desjardins

I love this! Now I have to go out and buys lots of tools and a toolbox..and look tough with it! Excited!

susan strohmetz

Just found you through Etsy, which is my new favorite site. I love your work! I printed out your ear wire tutorial and can't wait to start. I'd love to have your jumpring tutorial as well. Is there a place on your site I might find it. Can't find those bailing pliers. Everything I see seem different. Thanks for sharing your experience!


I love it! Thank you Deryn for sharing your talents! I am new to your blog and now I will be coming back frequently... Hopefully your cool creativity will rub off on me!

Jennifer Blevins

I love your tutorials and look forward to getting out to my newly organized art studio and working on jewelry. Do you have a book or DVD with all your tips and techniques - you should. I would buy it. By the way, do you need a new very best friend! I can do that, too! I would just love to hang out and make jewelry with you. Thanks for sharing so much good stuff.
Jennifer Blevins


I see book deal in your future my dear ;)

how wonderful of you to share these techniques!

xo!! Bella


Super tutorial!! That is so like you, Deryn - to share like that. Not only are you a phenominal jewery maker but equally talented in teaching and now at making tutorials... what luck for all of us that we know where to find you! I'm luckiest of all - to call you friend!

Maryam in Marrakesh

Oh, to be actually talented at something!!

PS I love your oscilating dinasaur ruler. You are adorable:-)


fabulous tutorial deryn!! i think i may have to start making myself some earrings so i can make my own ear wires!! thank you for sharing...


Thanks. That is fabulous info.

Catherine Witherell

Nice work Deryn!

kelly snelling

not only a great tutorial but a Fun tutorial. i love seeing your fun sense of humor shining through it all. gives me a big smile. i have been meaning to make these circle ear wires for a while now. i kept telling myself i could figure it out but the store by my house sells them so i was lazy. but my little craft store just closed! so now i really must follow along with you and give it a try. thanks, deryn!

ruth rae

what great how to!
I love the round one's!
I use a hello kitty ruler myself :)

Cindy Dean

I love this! I am going to try it. I will let you know if it works for me!


What a GREAT tutorial! Clear pictures, clear directions, LOTS of enthusiasm and humor! (love the oscillating dinosaurs)
Thank you for taking the time to put this together and post it for our viewing and creating pleasure.


Thank you for this new way of doing ear wires! I also make my own ear wires, but was looking for a new way to jazz up my designs a bit. I have posted a Liver of Sulfur tut on my blog..if you or any of your readers are interested. It is on the tab up top. I am mostly self taught, via kind teachers such as yourself. When ever I find something that works, I like to share it also. Prevents people from becoming frustrated and quitting too early before they realize the joy of creating.


I could just climb through the computer and kiss your sweet little face!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Im a self taught designer and have wanted to know how to do this for a long time. Knowing the exact tools is so helpful. Im going to make some. Tracy


amazing! My daughter will be trying this for sure. Thanks so much for the tutorial.I love tutorials!

Thanks for the nice comments you left for me. I sent in a few pieces for their SomrsetMemories edition also, so we will see.


Fascinating & cool!
But - LOL! I cannot BELIEVE people would go through this! My eyes are blurry just thinking about it...sigh...oh, to be a talented jeweler & have the dexterity AND the persistence & the vision...well... What else can I say. You're there (the talented), and I'm here (the blurry eyed), and I tip my cowgirl hat to you, Big D.

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