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Wednesday, May 16, 2007



Every once in a while you find an artist whose work resonates with you on a deeply personal level. Looks like we "see" the world in a similar way...love your art.

Susan Tuttle

Wow Deryn--your whole family is artistically talented!!

Hope you are well!



I'm so jealous! Mine are so NOT interested in art, crafts or the creative process! Only soccer and TV!


ROFL! Thing 1 and Thing 2.

We called our daughter...Rat...for 'rugrat'. And it just kinda stuck. She still answers to it-sometimes.

Beautiful works of art!

kelly snelling

i can't wait to see your juju piece! i know it will be quite grand. and i always love seeing the boys artwork. they are so talented. and i didn't know WW was also an artist. don't pig all the creativity now, mentocks! ;0)

Laura Krasinski

Deryn, your blog is really cool. This is just for fun..
I'm tagging you to post 7 random facts about yourself. See mine, and the rules, on my blog.


Deryn - Your jewelry is so beautiful! I came across your pieces in Belle Armoire Jewelry Volume 2 and loved the designs! I just added both of your project in that book to my commentary on the issue.



oohhh Deryn these few beans look really really nice... Hope to see more soon!
And wowww your sons are true artists too.. you must be a proud mum!

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