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Thursday, March 29, 2007



Deryn, hi from Germany, your tutorials are great, thank you so much!
How about a tutorial about soldering and sawing (silver)?

Tami Roth

Thanks so much, Deryn, I've been wanting to make my own jump rings!!! You're the BEST!


Thanks for the great tutorial, that was so nice! I haven't heard of the Mazbot brand, do you mind asking where you got them? Or are the ones on the link you gave basically the same?


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Always wondered about this, but I had not gotten around to actually trying it! Unfortunately, the really nice set of pliers that Dh bought me does not include the bailing plier. DARN!!!!


Your new pliers are great!! I didn't even know I *needed* such a thing ;-) I like making jump rings, but all this time, I thought my flush cutter was jacked up because only one side of the cut was flush--duh! Now I know to flip the thing around. Thanks for sharing!

Miz Carla

You are the BEST!! Thank you for the how-to and the tip about the wonder pliers!! My fingers are so sore from doing guess what???? YEP from making jump rings! Aye yi yi! All that work and they look so ugly. I'll have to invest in some more tools and give it another try.



Wow! Another amazing post. I am in awe & envy. Wish I had had you around when I was making my cowgirl bracelet! I surely could have used this post a while back. ~sigh~ You are one of the biggest talents out there. Keep it up, my friend.



What a great tutorial! I am going to have to purchase this bailing plyer. I hate to make jump rings, but you have made it look so easy. I can't wait to see what else you make with this new gizmo.


Thanks a bunch for sharing the how-to with all of us...I have made jump rings from other instructionals, but yours are so much more detailed and I appreciate the reasons why behind some of the steps you do. Thanks again!


Wowee, wow, wow! Now I know jump rings. Thanks for the tutorial, I actually think I could do this if I had the right thingy-ma-bobs!

Jo Wholohan

Yum Deryn these look great!!!!!


dang girl! you are making me want one of those doo-hickey thing-a-ma-bobs, too! tool envy! but really i'm really jealous of your anvil. i'd even take it for the cartoon memories alone! seriously, a great tutorial. thank you for doing that. it is helpful to me!

Kathy Mc

Thanks for the tutorial Deryn. That is an amazing tool. You make it look so easy. And yes, you can never have too many tools!

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