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Tuesday, June 06, 2006



What a beautiful piece and a positive rememberance to "666". It absolutely amazed me at the number of people who got totally paranoid about that day. We even had a school here where over 1/2 of the students didn't attend as there was a threat of another "Columbine" incident going to happen then. My feeling is...just where does their faith lie anyway????


Wonderful counterpoint to the superstition of 6/6/6. Nice going.


a beautiful statement!! love this piece!! ~Izabella


I agree - the perfect piece for 6/6/6! At work we called it "satanic Tuesday" ... normally it's just "bad atti-Tuesday," but Satan takes precidence, you know.


this is wonderful! As always!

collage a day

Love the color very much!!



Oh my I just discovered your blog. Total Eye Candy for me.
Have a great week,

patty van dorin

This is great, love the color and use of images. Sometimes a slump is a good thing, I have always found that they lead to a creative change.

Tanya Peacock

Beautiful! It's just a number. We know how the story ends!


Yep, you are DEFINATELY out of a slump! This is a fantastic piece of art Deryn! The color is wonderful! Perfect piece of art for 6/6/6!

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