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Sunday, October 23, 2005



Deryn, I am so enchanted with your blog. I thought I saw a bunch of altered cabinet cards you had made but when I looked through your blog back to June this year, I didn't find them. Is there someplace I can see all of them? Your jewelry is absolutely to die for!

Peggy Louise

Cabinet Cards are new to me as an art form. And I love your's. I am so glad to see them being used. I have often thought how sad that the people and the moment has been forgotten! And now they are being brought back to life...the people and the moments!!

Lou McCulloch

This is great- I collect antique photographs and even wrote a book about 'cabinets', etc. I like the way you didn't depend on the image; you have lots of artwork in the piece too!

Lelainia (Faith)

This is a great piece Deryn. I love the phrase on it-it made me laugh. Aren't church signs funny? There are a couple in my neighbourhood that always have snappy sayings. I will let you know if I see a good one!

One said:
No God, Know Fear.
Know God, No fear.

Céline Navarro

OH MY! I love this!

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